Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sydney: Two Men Stabbed In The Back By A Group Of Peaceful....You Guess Who

A GROUP of males remain at large following a double stabbing in Sydney's red-light district.

A 21-year-old man and 22-year-old man were both stabbed in the back during a fight in Kings Cross during in the early hours of May 25.

Police said the two men were at a nightclub about 3.30am (AEST) when they become involved in an altercation with a group of males.

The two young men left the club to have a meal in the area and then returned to the club about 4.10am and waited outside for friends.

They were confronted again by the group of males and suffered stab wounds to their lower backs.

They were taken to St Vincent's Hospital and treated for their injuries.

(and here is where finally, the reporter dares to describe the offenders):

Two of the offenders were described as being of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean appearance and aged in their early 20s.

One was also described as being 183cm tall, with a medium build, short dark hair and a goatee-style moustache.

The second man was described as being about 178cm tall, with a medium build and clean shaven

Sheesh, that "Middle Eastern" thing was so hard to come out from the reporter's mouth, I bet she had to use the forceps..

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