Saturday, June 14, 2008

Are Democrats Dumber than Dolphins?

I honestly believe even comparing the two mammal species is offensive to dolphins;
Here is Kevin McCullough's oppinion on this zoology dillema, posted at

Are Democrats Dumber than Dolphins?

In an all out assault against the working poor, the struggling families, and the common decency of the citizens of America this week Nancy Pelosi gave the order for Democrats to stab the American voter in the back. Her orders were carried out. Thus Congressional Democrats proved a naked willingness to injure America in a play for power, or alternately proving unsurpassed stupidity.

In either case they were also shown up by a cute squiggly girl named Kelly - a dolphin.

Off the gulf coast at the Marine Mammals Studies Institute in Mississippi, Kelly has made quite a name for herself. Some time back the trainers at the Institute began programming the dolphins to help keep their own pool and living areas clean by training them to remove debris, paper, and other items of trash from the pool. And just like our parents used to do if we kept our rooms clean, they got a reward - a tasty fresh fish.

But Kelly took it one step further. Something in Kelly's brain told her that there were limited amounts of fish in the pool she lived in, she wasn't sure how long she would be there, but she knew that the currency of those pieces of paper represented a meal each time she found one.

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