Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Military Technology Breakthrough: Heat Seeking Bullets

Eat your heart out, John Moses Browning! Your BAR is a POS
You're a second-rate engineer, Ronnie Barrett! Your 50 cal. sniper rifles are nothing but lousy potato guns.
Eugene Stoner? What a loser! Everybody hates your M-16/AR-15. Mattel rifles, LOL.
Comrade Khalashnikov? Throw that counter-revolutionary in a gulag! You can't hit the broad side of a barn with his AK-47 junk

Introducing the greatest invention in the history of the firearms:

The Heat Seeking Bullet! (TM)

And who is the brilliant inventor? A Democrat Congresswoman.

Just watch the video:

The new invention will be featured on History Channel new series "History Of The Gun - Liberal Gun Grabbing Lunatics Are More Lethal Than Gatling Guns" and also on Comedy Central's "Clueless Idiots In Congress"


Burnt Toast said...

*scratching head*

Heat seeking device, huh? The woman probably also thinks guns are largely animate objects that pull their own triggers making them inherently dangerous to innocents.

On the other hand, I have to agree somewhat, is there really a good reason for a civilian to have that particular gun?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a gun owner, avid marksman and believer in the 2nd Amendment, but even I think some limitations are in order for guns of this magnitude.

I guess as a compromise, we could just regulate those deadly "heat seeking bullets" and leave the regular seeking bullets on the free market.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

Yes, burnt toast, there is a reason:

Now, I can anticipate what your reply may be:

"The Founding Fathers never anticipated the advent of the modern armament. When they wrote keep and bear arms" they thought about keep and bear flintlocks and muskets".

Well, then maybe when they wrote the part about the freedom of speech and liberty of the free press, maybe they only thought about the manual printing presses.
Is there any is there really a good reason for a civilian to blog and disseminate his political oppinions to millions of other people over the Internet? Isn't that a little too "excessive"? Maybe a little limitation would be OK, don't you think?

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention something: do you have any idea how many .50 cal rifles were used to commit crimes since the invention of the so called ".50 cal heat seeking bullet"?

The number is 0. (ZERO) None.
Not a single American was harmed by a .50 cal rifle, not even by accident. Criminals and gangs hate them. You can't rob a bank or do a drive-by shooting with a "piece" weighing almost 30 lb.

So why do the gun-hating Democrats want to ban them?
Because they can. And because they know that tomorrow they can use the same arguments to push for a new AWB, and the next day they can call scoped bolt action rifles used for hunting "sniper rifles". And so on, just like they did in England, where they first banned handguns, then centerfire rifles, then rimfire rifles, then semiauto shotguns, then....you know where they are now.

Jay S. said...

TP is right.

In fact, I wrote a post just today including several quotes from the forefathers on the right to keep and bear arms: http://www.thewariscoming.com/twic/?p=48

You ask why we "need" such weapons?
Because we can.
Because we have the right.
Because there's nothing wrong with it.
Because we have seen historic proof of tyranny; a tyranny that lead the wisest of us to believe that if the military has the "right" to own such objects, then we should as well.

Do we need it? Well, I ask you this, friend: do we need stoves, air conditioners, computers that can search a world of knowledge in seconds? Do we need perfectly cut medium-rare filet mignon, video games that make your blood curdle when you play them in the dark, souped-up Jeeps that can climb 45-degree hills, and $50,000 hybrid SUVs that cost far more than the gas they will save you?

No, I tell you: we don't need those things. We only need enough food to maintain our basic organ functions, and a cave to keep us out of the chilling wind in the winter.

But is that what America is about?

No. America

At present, I am unemployed. I was laid off not long ago. I decided that instead of looking for another job, I could live cheaply and work to defend our freedoms - I signed up to be an EVC for the NRA in one of the most solidly liberal districts in Washington State.

Even so, if officials are elected that will work harder to take away my freedoms, I will immediately drop $9000 on a Barrett .50 rifle. Why? Because our forefathers fought for my right to defend myself from tyranny. Because I am a moral person who will never so much as point a weapon at someone who I do not feel threatens the life of an innocent person. I will maintain a minimum wage part-time job before I stop fighting for my freedoms.