Thursday, April 30, 2009

MSNBC,CNN: Head Like A Hole

While the Titanic of the Obamamedia is sinking, the band keeps playing.

MSNBC and CNN’s primetime news programs have suffered an incredible nosedive in ratings since Barack Obama was elected president, Newsmax has learned.

Ratings for “Countdown With Keith Olbermann” on MSNBC at 8 p.m. have plunged a dizzying 42 percent since October, shortly before the election. CNN’s 8 p.m. show, now being hosted by Roland Martin, has seen a 49 percent plunge over that time period.


Bill O’Reilly’s 8 p.m. show remains the top-rated cable news program, averaging 2,650,000 million households per night in April, more than the combined totals for Olbermann’s program (938,000) and CNN’s 8 p.m. offering (613,000) — with more than a million households to spare.

In the key demographic of viewers 25 to 54 years old, Olbermann has lost 53 percent of his average nightly audience, a precipitous plunge. Rachel Maddow, who follows him at 9 p.m. on MSNBC, has lost an astounding 65 percent of her 25-to-54 audience since October, and her 819,000 households in April compare poorly to Sean Hannity’s 1,953,000 households on Fox.

O’Reilly has also trounced Olbermann among viewers aged 35 to 64 in April, with 1,724,000 viewers, down 19 percent since October. Olbermann suffered a 49 percent drop in that demographic and had 1,151,000 viewers.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Europe's Future Is Bleak

“In 1974 [Algerian President] Houari Boumedienne spoke before the General Assembly of the United Nations. And without circumlocutions he said: ‘One day millions of men will leave the Southern hemisphere of this planet to burst into the Northern one. But not as friends. Because they will burst in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women.’” --Oriana Fallaci - The Force Of Reason

Also, required reading: America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wanna See How Reliably Pro-Gun A Pro-Gun Democrat Is?

You don't need to look further than the pro-gun Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand, the staunch pro-Second Amendment supporter and politician who took over Hillary's Senatorial seat:

NY Lawmakers Want Five Year Handgun Licenses

At the federal level, U.S. Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand are urging President Barack Obama to re-instate a 90 day retention period for background check records.

Right now, those records are held only 24 hours.


Yup, the Democrats will never have enough votes to push of another AWB. And my name is Santa Claus.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Somali Pirate Song: Yo-Ho-Ho And The Navy Seals Of Doom!

H/T Proof Positive

Somali Pirate Math:

How Europe Escaped Speaking Arabic

Revisiting a topic from the first Bradley Lecture Series in 1988-1989, Michael Novak delivered the fourth installment of AEI's twentieth-anniversary Bradley Lecture Series on December 8, 2008. Video, audio, and more information are available at

Jewett Scholar Michael Novak
Jewett Scholar
Michael Novak

How Europe Escaped Speaking Arabic

The Western world has never taken Islam with the full seriousness it has earned. Down through history, once Islamic armies have conquered a land, with very few exceptions, that land has remained Muslim. A Christian will wish in vain that the great circle of Christian lands around the Mediterranean (and on up into Syria, Iraq, Iran, and northwards into Georgia) had not fallen irretrievably into Muslim hands, most of them before 732 A.D. For Christians who think that the future of the world favors movement in their direction, a study of the latent dynamism of Islam is not a little unsettling.

Edward Gibbon, finishing up his The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776-78), was able to imagine how easily serene little Oxford could have been dominated by tall Islamic minarets before his birth, and the accents in its markets would have been Arabic: " . . . the interpretation of the Koran would now be taught in the schools of Oxford, and her pulpits might demonstrate to a circumcised people the sanctity and truth of the revelation of Mahomet" (469).

Gibbon was writing about the decisive battle of Poitiers in 732 A.D., when at last a Christian leader, Charles Martel ("Charles the Hammer"), drove back the Muslims from their highwater mark in Western Europe with such force that they went reeling backwards into Spain. From there, it took Spain another 750 years--until 1492--to drive Islamic armies back into North Africa, whence they had invaded. Even so, the Islamic terror bombers who just a few years ago killed more than a hundred commuters in Madrid did so (they announced) to avenge the Spanish "Reconquista" of 1492. For Islam, to lose a territory once Muslim is to incur a religious obligation to wrest it back.

It had been a marvel in 732 that a mere one hundred years earlier, Mohammed had launched his army from Medina, to conquer in rapid fire so many of the most glorious capital cities of Christianity--Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria, Hippo, Tunis, Carthage, and then all of Spain. More amazingly still, Muslims went very quickly further into the Far East than Alexander the Great ever had.

Read the complete article here. You won't regret you did.

Anti Gun Liberals, Owned!

About 100 supporters of a bill tightening Virginia gun control staged a lie-in on the Capitol lawn, but were outnumbered 3-1 yesterday by opponents who wielded signs declaring "Here Lie Disarmed Victims."

H/T TheWarOnGuns

Christos A Inviat!

Χριστός ἀνέστη!
Christ is Risen!
Христос Воскресе!
Hristolu unghia!

For all Eastern Greek Orthodox Christians, today is the Day Of A New Beginning.
I wish you all a great Easter with your family and friends.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Once Crossed Over The Rainbow Bridge

This morning at 6:48 AM, she passed away in the arms of my wife.

Skansen's You Only Live Once Apr. 01, 2000 - Apr. 18, 2009

See you on the other side, our faithful and loving girl.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Last Supper At CNBC?

NY Post, April 16, 2009 --

THE top suits and some of the on-air talent at CNBC were recently ordered to a top-secret meeting with General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt and NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker to discuss whether they've turned into the President Obama-bashing network, Page Six has learned.

"It was an intensive, three-hour dinner at 30 Rock which Zucker himself was behind," a source familiar with the powwow told us. "There was a long discussion about whether CNBC has become too conservative and is beating up on Obama too much. There's great concern that CNBC is now the anti-Obama network. The whole meeting was really kind of creepy."

Woe to the man who betrays the Son of Man!
It would be better for him if he had not been born--(Mark 14:20-21)

One topic under the microscope, our insider said, was on-air CNBC editor Rick Santelli's rant two months ago about staging a "Chicago Tea Party" to protest the president's bailout programs -- an idea that spawned tax protest tea parties in other big cities, infuriating the White House. Oddly, Santelli was not at the meeting, while Jim Cramer was, noted our source, who added that no edict was ultimately handed down by the network chieftains.

CNBC flack Brian Steel confirmed the get-together, but insisted: "The dinner was to thank CNBC for a job well done in our in-depth reporting throughout the financial crisis. As far as our coverage is concerned, we are built for balance and we are unabashedly pro-investor."

Our source retorted: "That is complete bull[bleep] . . . they didn't invite a lot of people to [the meeting]. There were many staffers who were working 24/7 during the crisis who weren't asked to attend, even Santelli, who was a big star for the network during those weeks. Why not?"

In addition, the insider said: "News of the meeting is starting to leak out and people are contacting a number of the on-air people to ask if they've been muzzled by GE."

Hiding Jesus From The Lightworker

Georgetown Says It Covered Over Name of Jesus to Comply With White House Request

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
By Edwin Mora CNS News

Photo of Gaston Hall stage that shows symbol "IHS" that was covered up during President Obama's speech to accommodate a White House request. (Wikimedia photo)

( - Georgetown University says it covered over the monogram “IHS”--symbolizing the name of Jesus Christ—because it was inscribed on a pediment on the stage where President Obama spoke at the university on Tuesday and the White House had asked Georgetown to cover up all signs and symbols there.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the “IHS” monogram that had previously adorned the stage at Georgetown’s Gaston Hall was still covered up--when the pediment where it had appeared was photographed by

President Obama is greeted by Georgetown University President John J. DeGioia as he arrives to deliver remarks on the economy, April 14, 2009, at Georgetown University. Georgetown had covered the symbol "IHS" on the pediment above and behind the two men. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
“In coordinating the logistical arrangements for yesterday’s event, Georgetown honored the White House staff’s request to cover all of the Georgetown University signage and symbols behind Gaston Hall stage,” Julie Green Bataille, associate vice president for communications at Georgetown, told

“The White House wanted a simple backdrop of flags and pipe and drape for the speech, consistent with what they’ve done for other policy speeches,” she added. “Frankly, the pipe and drape wasn’t high enough by itself to fully cover the IHS and cross above the GU seal and it seemed most respectful to have them covered so as not to be seen out of context.”

Pediment in Gaston Hall with "IHS" covered as photographed by, April 15, 2009. (Photo by Penny Starr,
On Wednesday, inspected the pediment embedded in the wall at the back of the stage in Gaston Hall, where Obama delivered his speech. The letters “IHS” were not to be found. They appeared to be shrouded with a triangle of black-painted plywood.

Pictures of the wooden pediment prior to Obama’s speech show the letters “IHS" in gold. Many photos posted on the Internet of other events at Gaston Hall show the letters clearly.

The White House did not respond to a request from to comment on the covering up of Jesus’ name at Gaston Hall.

President Obama speaking at Gaston Hall at Georgetown on April 14 with the "IHS" covered up on the pediment behind him. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
Georgetown, which is run by the Jesuit order, is one of the most prestigious Catholic institutions of higher education in the United States.

Roman Catholics traditionally use “IHS” as an abbreviation for Jesus’ name. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, “St. Ignatius of Loyola adopted the monogram in his seal as general of the Society of Jesus (1541) and thus became the emblem of his institute.” The Society of Jesus is the formal name for the Jesuits.

Gaston Hall stage as it looked on the afternoon of April 15 with "IHS" still shrouded. (Photo by Penny Starr,
Although the monogram was covered over on the wooden pediment at the back of the Gaston Hall stage where it would have been directly above and behind President Obama as he spoke, the letters “IHS” are posted elsewhere around the hall approximately 26 times on shields representing different parts of the United States and the world.
the rest here

Yep, makes a lot of sense: the Lightworker goes to a muslim country and and proclaims "Islam changed the shape of America" but here in the United States of America, a country founded by gun-toting Christian nuts we have to cover all evidence of our Christian heritage.

P.S. And before the usual Obamapologists start screaming "separation of Church and State": Georgetown University is a Jesuit private university.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Treat For All Of You Geeks

Pattie Maes & Pranav Mistry: Unveiling the "Sixth Sense," game-changing wearable tech

Islam Changed The Shape Of America

“We will convey,” said Barack Obama to the Turkish Parliament Monday, “our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.”

For the first time I agree with you, Mr. President. Islam did changed the shape of America indeed.



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Breaking News! Violent Anti-Communist Revolt In Moldavia

This is happening in the last country in Europe run by a communist regime.
Moldavia, a historical province of Romania was forcefully ceded under the threat of invasion to the Soviet Union following the 1939 Ribbentrop-Molotov pact between Hitler and Stalin. The majority of the population is Romanian (78%) followed and Ukrainian (8.3%) and Russian (5.9%) minorities. The official language according to the official communist propaganda is Moldavian; in fact the so-called Moldavian language is nothing more than 100% Romanian spoken with a regional accent.
Since the 1990's break-up of the former Soviet Union, Moldavia is ruled by the Moldavian Communist Party, a client of the Russian Federation. Although the Moldavian government declared itself "independent", they are still receiving their orders from Moscow.

Moldova students smash Parliament

Pictures from Blogu lu zzzop

BBC reports:

Students in Moldova have attacked the country's parliament in protest at the victory of the governing Communist Party in Sunday's general election.

Witnesses say crowds poured into the building through smashed ground-floor windows and shortly after hurled furniture out and set it alight.

More than 30 people - including protesters and police - have been injured, medical officials said.

President Vladimir Voronin has called for an end to the "destabilisation".

"Challenging the results of the election is no more than a pretext," Interfax news agency quoted Mr Voronin as telling a cabinet meeting.

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana has urged all sides in the former Soviet state to refrain from violence. Russia has also voiced its concern.

Alexandru Oleinic, an opposition MP, told Reuters that the leaders of the three main opposition parties were now holding talks with the president and Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanii.

He gave no details of what the talks would entail.

Interfax said that Mr Voronin would make an address to the nation on Tuesday evening.

Election 'was fraudulent'

Tear gas and jets of water were blasted at protesters by security forces defending the parliament building in the capital, Chisinau. The presidential office, opposite, was also attacked.

Representatives of opposition parties are among the protesters.

They believe the election result was fraudulent.

The Mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca, who is deputy head of the opposition Liberal Party, said the protests were justified "because people did not vote for the communists in such large numbers".

The communists won 50% of votes in the election declared "fair" by observers.

They were followed by the centre-right Liberal Party with almost 13% of the votes, and the Liberal Democratic Party with 12%.

Reports from the country say local television stations are off-air and the national radio station is broadcasting folk music.

No reports about the protest have been included in its radio news bulletins.

Opposition reject coalition

Mr Solana said he was "very concerned" over the situation.

"I call on all sides to refrain from violence and provocation. Violence against government buildings is unacceptable," he said in a statement.

"Equally important is the respect for the inalienable right of assembly of peaceful demonstrators."

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin said he was concerned about the protests which he described as "provoked".

President Voronin is expected to step down after two terms in office.

He is barred by the constitution from running for a third term, although he has indicated he wants to remain involved in affairs of state.

Parliament chooses his successor and the communists have the biggest party in the new parliament - but do not have sufficient votes to select the president alone.

If no president is chosen before 8 June, another parliamentary election must be held.

The pro-Western centre-right opposition parties have said they will not join a coalition with the communists, who favour strong links with both Russia and the European Union.

Mr Voronin's successor will lead the poorest country in Europe, where the average wage is just under $250 (£168) a month, and will inherit an unresolved conflict over the breakaway region of Trans-Dniester.

Correspondents say the dispute is reminiscent of the situation in South Ossetia before last summer's conflict between Georgia and Russia.

The region has run its own affairs, with Moscow's support, since the end of hostilities in a brief war in 1992. Mr Voronin resumed direct talks with Trans-Dniester last year.

UPDATE: State controlled Moldavian TV and Radio is imposing a total news blackout and continues to broadcast its regular entertainment programming.
Also, the Internet in the Moldavia Republic was shut down by the authorities.


Vladimir Voronin, Communist President of Moldavia:
"We will defend the Republic against the fascists who are trying to overthrow the government in this coup d'etat"

Cellphone reception is down in the area affected by the demonstrations, the communist government is desperately trying suppress any information about the revolt.
H/T patruped:bun biped:rau

Inevitably, the Russian paranoia kicks in:
The coup d'etat in Moldavia is perpetrated by Western espionage services collaborating with certain destabilizing Romanian agents

Just the recipe for a "Georgia style" Russian invasion of Romania. Good thing Romania is now a NATO member.

UPDATE: More pictures from blogu lu zzzop

UPDATE: Looks like the students participating in the demonstration are using Twitter to spread the news and communicate between them. "Pman" means Piata Marii Adunari Nationale - translated in English it means The Plaza Of The Great National Assembly, the place where the revolt started.

UPDATE: Thousands of students from neighboring Romania are protesting in solidarity with their Moldavian cousins:

The communist government closes Moldova border crossings with Romania at Sculeni and Rabnita.
The police in the Chisinau capital went in the offensive: around 1 AM last night after the majority of the protesters dispersed, the police started firing blanks from their AK-47 rifles to intimidate the remaining protesters, then proceeded making arrests. So far reports are talking about 193 students arrested. An unknown number of students admitted for emergency medical care at local hospitals were arrested by the police from their hospital beds and taken to an unknown destination. Some sources are putting their number at 200.

Filip Teodorescu, the Romanian Ambassador to Moldova was declared by the Moldavian authorities "persona non-grata" and told he must leave the country within the next 24 hours. Also, the Moldavian authorities announced they will reinstate entry visa requirements for Romanian citizens.
The fingerprints of the Big Red Brother from Kremlin are all over this.

Worried parents called the hospital and were told around 200 students were admitted through the ER service only to be picked up by the police and transported to Tighina 6 police precinct. When the parents called the police, they were told there are no students held in detention at Tighina precinct and that the arrested were transported "out of town". The police refused to tell where.

More pictures from Blogu lu zzzop

Emma Nicholson, European Parlamentarian and election observer for the EU:
"On April 6th around 1 AM when we finished the vote count it looked to us that the communists had 35% of the vote and the opposition parties 40%-45%"

Next day the communists declared victory with over 50% of the vote.

How the ghosts of the dead are voting for communists in Moldova
"Veaceslav Ous, a Moldavian citizen who lives in Japan for the last four years found out that he voted in the April 6th election in...Chishinau, Moldova for the Communist Party. But that's not all though: he also learned his father also voted for the communists. Problem is the father passed away one month ago. "I can demonstrate with the visas on my passport I was in Japan on April 6th" Veaceslav said. My mother went to the polling place and saw my name and my deceased father name and two falsified signatures on the list of the people who came to cast their vote. When she protested they told her that maybe somebody signed under the wrong name. She tried to cross our names and signatures of the list but they forcefully grabbed her and took her out of the building telling her "she doesn't know anything about how democratic elections are working"
Vitalie Ciobanu, leader of one of the opposition Parties declared not too long ago that "the population of entire graveyards voted on the April 6th election"


The comrades are hunting down, arresting and beating anybody they want with no discrimination and no respect for the law.

This young man, student to a University in France came home to his native Moldova to cast his vote in the election. When the student revolt started he was hired as a translator by a Swedish TV news crew filming the protests. The next day he was arrested in the front of the news crew, taken to the police precinct, held for three days without an arrest warrant and savagely beaten within an inch of losing his life.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Video: I Decided Not To Be A Victim

A Justice Files episode about the right of self defense from an era when California wasn't a gun-hating liberal stronghold:

H/T The War On Guns

Obama: We Are Not At War With Islam. Islam: Tough Luck Pal, We Are At War With You

Ankara, Turkey 06/04/2009:

"Let me say this as clearly as I can: the United States is not and will never be at war and with Islam," --Barak Obama adressing the Turkish Parliament.

Istanbul, Turkey 06/04/2009

As United States president Barack Obama began an official visit to Turkey on Monday, reports surfaced that a Syrian man was arrested in Istanbul in connection with a plot to kill him. The man - who sought to disguise himself as a journalist for the Arab TV network Al-Jazeera - managed to obtain press accreditation and allegedly planned to stab the US president with a knife, said Saudi daily al-Watan.
The suspect was arrested last Friday in Istanbul, where he had been permanently living for a number of years. After his arrest, al-Watan said he confessed to having planned Obama's murder and that in case he failed, there were three other accomplices that would carry out the assassination.
Well, Mr. may not be at war with Islam, but it certainly looks like Islam is at war with you.

The Mainstream Media Long, Agonizing Death

What happens when a business, any business puts a sign on the entrance door saying "we don't serve no stinking conservatives"?
If you guessed the business will lose roughly 50% of its customers you got it right. And replacing that sign with another one saying "going out of business" is only a matter of time.

Well, this simple concept of not discriminating against certain categories of customers seems to be too complicated to comprehend to the enlightened, open-minded liberals who run the mainstream media. To them, being Democrat ideologues and lapdogs for Obama trumps over their duty to be impartial observers and reporters of the news.
The result? The liberals in the media don't serve all their customers anymore, they only serve the 50% that agrees with them politically. The other 50% who they refuse to serve (or even badmouths) stops buying their product and refuse to put money in their pockets. Simple economics the mind of a liberal would never understand.

Here is another real life example of how this failure of the media management to serve all readers not only the liberal ones is claiming another victim: The Boston Globe.

Details of threat to close Globe emerge
Storm over Morrissey Boulevard

There’s a mutinous mood on Morrissey Boulevard, as Boston Globe staffers lash out over a stunning ultimatum from parent company The New York Times [NYT] Co.

“They’re nickel-and-diming people,” said a Globe union official who spoke on condition of anonymity, adding that top executives at The New York Times Co., which owns the Globe, “have ruined” the sagging broadsheet.

On Thursday, Times executives told representatives from the Boston paper’s 13 unions that they must trim $20 million from their budgets by May 1 or the Times would shut the paper down.

The move came days after the Globe reduced its newsroom work force by about 70 employees, full and part time, through a mix of voluntary buyouts and layoffs.

“We’re going to go through the same thing three months later,” said a frustrated union boss.

Other outraged Globe staffers and area union leaders yesterday accused the Times of bullying tactics designed to make the money losing Morrissey Boulevard paper more attractive to a potential buyer, or just strongarm long-sought concessions from unions.

“They are trying to strip it down to the bare bones, and then they are either going to sell it or go all digital,” said a Globe union official.

“If you are a business owner, and you are looking to squeeze costs, this is the perfect time,” said another local union honcho.

Other Globe staffers grieved and worried for their paper. They spoke on condition of anonymity, citing the climate at the newspaper.

“A lot of people are really sad,” said one Globe reporter.

Times management declined to comment again yesterday.

Sources yesterday described an heated and acrimonious mood in the meeting between representatives of 13 Globe unions and Times and Globe executives who presented the deadline threat. They spoke on condition of anonymity, citing the climate at the newspaper.

“They were crying poormouth,” a union member said, “saying there’s no advertising revenues. Of course there’s no revenue. They just fired about 50 advertising solicitors three months ago.”

One union official pointed out to the Globe brass that company managers received bonuses earlier this year. “That set them back,” a union source said.

Boston Newspaper Guild President Daniel Totten, who represents the paper’s largest union, issued a memo Friday to members saying the unions have already given up more than their fair share in recent years.

But newspaper analysts say the guild is likely to give in to management demands, which include proposals for pay cuts, the end of pension contributions and the elimination of lifetime job guarantees for longtime staffers.

“They will give in, right away,” said Douglas McIntyre, editor of 24/7 Wall Street, a New York financial media company. “A 20 percent cut is better than a 100 percent job loss.”

The Globe — which was bought in 1993 in a $1.1 billion New England media package — reportedly is on track to lose $85 million this year without the concessions. The Times Company lost almost $58 million last year.

Those losses come amid an unforgiving climate for print media: In the past month, the revenue-losing Rocky Mountain News closed, the Chicago Sun-Times declared bankruptcy, and the Seattle Post- Intelligencer laid off almost its entire staff and went online.

“The New York Times Company can’t afford to keep the Boston Globe open,” McIntyre said. “The Globe lost $50 million last year, and that could keep going up.”

I have a suggestion for an emergency plan that may help cut costs and keep them afloat for a while: lay off all the reporters, you don't need them. Their news come from one source: the Democrat National Committee.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Maricopa County Deputies Unload On Phoenix Mayor, Politicians

Sorry folks, I had to disable the embedded video as it was starting automatically after the homepage of my blog was loading. You can still watch the video by clicking on the link below:

This is the must see video of the week:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cure For Constipation

Got it in an email so no credit for this one:

Cure For Constipation


If you are bothered by occasional or frequent constipation, look in the mirror and repeat the following phrase three
times in succession when symptoms occur:

"My financial and personal well being are totally in the
hands of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Tim Geithner, Rahm Emmanual, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Al Gore"

If that doesn't scare the crap out of you, then you are
probably destined to be backed up for the rest of your life.

There is no need to thank me for this advice, I'm just
doing a public service.