Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Armed Scumbags Try To Rob Internet Cafe, Get Greeted With Hot Lead

Robbery is becoming an extremely high risk occupation in Florida these days. Gunshot wounds and even death can occur while on the job. Not mentioning these gun crazed senior citizens who can draw their guns and shoot faster than Wild Bill Hickock when he was in his prime.

Sad and scary times we live in folks. I see no alternative for the poor discriminated young folks (who were just trying to do their job) other than quit and apply for food stamps and EBT cards.

Be patient. Video loads after 15 second commercial.

FOX 35 News Orlando

Thank God none of them died otherwise Obama could have claimed another dead son was murdered in cold blood by a white racist.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Romania: Leftists Win Elections, First Thing They Do Is Trample On The Constitution.

Socialists: never more than a heartbeat away from full blown communists / Stalinists

The political crisis in Romania deepened Friday after the Socialist majority in the Parliament in Bucharest voted to impeach President Traian Basescu amid rising international criticism of the left wing government’s apparent attempts to usurp power and subvert the country’s young democracy.

Removed in a communist style putsch: twice elected
Romanian President Traian Basescu

The impeachment was one step among many that critics say Prime Minister Victor Ponta has taken in recent months to consolidate his rule. The governing coalition has already fired the speakers of both chambers of Parliament — an action the opposition called unconstitutional — and replaced the country’s ombudsman, who has the power to challenge emergency legislation before the Constitutional Court.

The (Supreme) court’s justices have been threatened with removal before their terms were up, although that idea was scrapped after an international outcry. But Mr. Ponta reduced the court’s power and is moving ahead with the impeachment.

It is the second time that Mr. Basescu — a former sea captain, anti-corruption crusader and polarizing political figure — has faced a referendum to remove him from office. A similar effort in 2007 failed when 74 percent of the voters opposed the move. Read the rest here

Author of the coup d'etat: the socialist Prime Minister Victor Ponta, an open admirer of Che Guevara, proven plagiarist and suspected murderer (see links)

So let's count all the Left's strikes against Romania's Constitution and laws:

1. Illegally fire the members of the specialized Academic committee who are verifying the accusations of plagiarism of the Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta's doctoral thesis.

2. Illegally fire the Ombudsman who is opposing the impeachment of the President on constitutional grounds and who referred the case to the Supreme Court.

3. Threaten to remove Supreme Court Justices then drastically diminish their power to "consultative attributions only" when they decide the impeachment has no constitutional support.

4. Illegally modify the Constitution to make the impeachment process easier.

5. Illegally remove the Speaker of the House and the Senate President and replace them with puppets of the Prime Minister.

6. Propose a law to ban Romanian citizens living abroad (who are in their overwhelming majority a center-right voting base) from voting in the Romanian elections.

Thank God for America and for the wisdom of the founding Fathers to put the Second Amendment in the US Constitution to help us citizens protect our freedom and preserve the Government system of checks and balances . Without the Second Amendment there is no question the American Left would have long time ago crapped on on our Constitution and pissed on our liberties.

So This Liberal Visits My Blog....

...reads one of my blog entries (a video of a televised debate in a Muslim country in which one of the opponents produces a revolver), then he decides to post this commentary which is not only idiotic but also totally unrelated to the issue in the blog entry. Read it - it is a true gem of stupidity produced by a brain dead Occupying idiot who is claiming the video in question proves that...I am supporting Mitt Romney? WTF???

Joe Skillz · 1 day ago

I always enjoy reading your blog. It helps keep me grounded, knowing that there are many more gun-hugging, scared, sociopaths with calloused hands and room-temperature IQs, willing to do the bidding of rich Republicans, who laugh all the way to country club at how they have scammed the lower classes into subsidizing their holier-than-thou lifestyles. You think Romney wants to have dinner with you? You think he wants your daughter to marry one of his sons? Think again. He wants you to change the oil in his Mercedes and he wants your daughter to clean the toilets in his mansion. Figure it out.

My reply follows:

TranssylvaniaP 16 Hours ago

Dear Joe Skillz,

Not sure how did you get the impression I support Romney after you watched the funny video of the gun threatening Muslim. Did you read any entry on my blog even mentioning Romney's name? I think not. Must be your decaying liberal brain dipped in stinking Marxist shit for way too long that is causing you to have these schizophrenic delusions.

I'm not a Romney fan. But if you don't believe me go ahead and look for yourself, browse my entire blog. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two in the process, so maybe you'll be able to finally to pass the graduation test and get your middle school diploma.

Oh, and by the way... since you are ASSuming untrue things about me, let me tell you a couple of things about myself: I am a (legal) immigrant to this great country. I came here with only the clothes on my back 13 years ago after escaping from Romania. Since you probably don't have an idea where Romania is I'll enlighten you: it is a shit hole (former) communist Eastern European - nowadays socialist country, where a regular Joe Citizen needs a government issued permit to purchase and own a target bow or a simple air rifle and where only criminals and corrupt politicians have firearms. Just the kind of egalitarian gun-free kind of country you'd like America to become, isn't it?

After arriving in the US I never asked anybody for any handouts, I never needed any social assistance from the State, I never complained of being discriminated because some people were condescending me for my broken English, I never asked for food stamps or any welfare benefits even when my refrigerator was empty and didn't had enough change to wash my clothes at the laundromat. In other words, I was too proud to count on your liberal pity and become a slave tied on the Democrat plantation. I was a delivery driver, a janitor, a repairman. My wife cleaned motel rooms. And we're not ashamed of doing that. Work is work, you do what you have to do to succeed - and only stupid condescending liberals like yourself who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth are considering low paying jobs degrading.
Five years later I started my own business with a $1,000 capital and with the sweat of my brow I put my wife through college and grad school, and my son in the best film school in the world there is: the University of Southern California Institute Of Cinematic Arts.

So there you have it, Joe (no)Skillz: my autobiography and the American Dream - both in only three paragraphs. I hope you'll learn something reading it and better yourself in the future. Or if you so choose, stay a stupid liberal and keep on Occupying your parents basement until you're 45.

P.S. Edited to add:
Speaking of Romney's Mercedes: I also drive a Mercedes. My wife drives a Mercedes too. And my son drives a Volvo. Like Romney, we didn't steal them - we earned them. If you ever decide to quit your non-stop pot induced daze and decide you need a job please call me. I may have an opening for a grease monkey. So call me after you graduate middle school, OK?. Until then I'm doing the oil changes myself on all my family cars - and I'm not ashamed of that.

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Fine Example Of Political Debate In The Islamic World

Yep, multicultural liberals are proven right once again: all cultures and all religions are equal.
Well, not really. Here is how the winner is settled in a televised political debate in an Arab country:

No, you eyes didn't lied to you. That was really a .38 snub nose revolver the Jordanian PM was pointing at his debate opponent (after throwing one of his shoes at him first) . And keep in mind, this is in Jordan, one of the most enlightened and civilized Muslim countries!

I wonder what would have happened if the argument became REALLY mean; "Your mama eats...pork chops!???"

For more details go here