Monday, July 9, 2012

Romania: Leftists Win Elections, First Thing They Do Is Trample On The Constitution.

Socialists: never more than a heartbeat away from full blown communists / Stalinists

The political crisis in Romania deepened Friday after the Socialist majority in the Parliament in Bucharest voted to impeach President Traian Basescu amid rising international criticism of the left wing government’s apparent attempts to usurp power and subvert the country’s young democracy.

Removed in a communist style putsch: twice elected
Romanian President Traian Basescu

The impeachment was one step among many that critics say Prime Minister Victor Ponta has taken in recent months to consolidate his rule. The governing coalition has already fired the speakers of both chambers of Parliament — an action the opposition called unconstitutional — and replaced the country’s ombudsman, who has the power to challenge emergency legislation before the Constitutional Court.

The (Supreme) court’s justices have been threatened with removal before their terms were up, although that idea was scrapped after an international outcry. But Mr. Ponta reduced the court’s power and is moving ahead with the impeachment.

It is the second time that Mr. Basescu — a former sea captain, anti-corruption crusader and polarizing political figure — has faced a referendum to remove him from office. A similar effort in 2007 failed when 74 percent of the voters opposed the move. Read the rest here

Author of the coup d'etat: the socialist Prime Minister Victor Ponta, an open admirer of Che Guevara, proven plagiarist and suspected murderer (see links)

So let's count all the Left's strikes against Romania's Constitution and laws:

1. Illegally fire the members of the specialized Academic committee who are verifying the accusations of plagiarism of the Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta's doctoral thesis.

2. Illegally fire the Ombudsman who is opposing the impeachment of the President on constitutional grounds and who referred the case to the Supreme Court.

3. Threaten to remove Supreme Court Justices then drastically diminish their power to "consultative attributions only" when they decide the impeachment has no constitutional support.

4. Illegally modify the Constitution to make the impeachment process easier.

5. Illegally remove the Speaker of the House and the Senate President and replace them with puppets of the Prime Minister.

6. Propose a law to ban Romanian citizens living abroad (who are in their overwhelming majority a center-right voting base) from voting in the Romanian elections.

Thank God for America and for the wisdom of the founding Fathers to put the Second Amendment in the US Constitution to help us citizens protect our freedom and preserve the Government system of checks and balances . Without the Second Amendment there is no question the American Left would have long time ago crapped on on our Constitution and pissed on our liberties.

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