Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Video of the month: Why I Voted For Obama

I am speechless. Total loss of words.
Watch this video and you'll understand why our Founding Fathers wanted our nation to be a Republic not a democracy ruled by the mob.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Firing People With High Level Skills To Hire People With No Skills

How's that for HOPE'n CHANGE?

Some 6,000 NASA contractors face job loss in Obama overhaul

As NASA released more details Thursday about its restructuring under President Barack Obama's space proposal, the director of Johnson Space Center expressed optimism and concern.


Though he welcomed the proposed addition of a five-year, $6 billion technology development program at the Clear Lake-area space center, director Mike Coats said he is concerned about job losses and not having a space vehicle to fly.

“We have some challenges to confront here,” Coats said.

One of the big ones: Even contractors who will get jobs in the restructuring might find themselves out of work for up to a year as the new plans are being formulated.

Since Obama released his proposed budget two months ago for the space agency, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden has been working to revamp the agency.

For Houston, the most significant change was the outright cancellation of the $108 billion Constellation Program, managed at Johnson Space Center, which was to develop rockets and space vehicles to carry astronauts to orbit, the moon and beyond.

That cancellation came atop the planned end to the 29-year-old space shuttle program later this year.

About 1,500 civil servants work on the two programs, and those jobs are safe. But there are as many as 6,000 contractor positions in the Houston area associated with the shuttle and Constellation.

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Nothing to worry folks, the unemployment numbers will be kept relatively stable.
For every NASA contractor filing for bankruptcy closing his high-tech business and firing hundreds of high skilled technicians, Obamao will create another governmental agency where thousands of people with no particular skills will be hired to push papers and produce nothing but more State control and regulations over our lives.