Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Force Awakens. In Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government passed a law banning Communist political Parties as well as any symbols of communism.
I know, this news may upset some brain dead college professors, their students as well as a large portion of low information Obama voters. 

However don't be sad, all of you Progressive-Fascists who are already decrying this act of free speech infringement. There is reason to rejoice!

An Ukrainian artist named Alexander Milov saved an imposing statue of Lenin by making a few subtle alterations:


Just in time for the Star Wars franchise reboot.
May the Force be with you, young Alexei!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Words Of Wisdom

"Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a muzzle flash"

Needless to say, one would be wise not to walk towards the light. 
Taking cover and switching the safety to "off" is a more prudent course of action.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Scathing anti-Obama article in Romania's largest newspaper

They compare him with Iliescu, Romania's corrupt neo-communist President from the 90's. And believe me, that guy isn't somebody you want to be compared with.

In 1990 Iliescu brought to the capital Bucharest several train loads of miners from the poorest, most uneducated region of Romania. He told these violent brutes that students, university professors, other intellectuals, members of opposition Parties and artists who were gathered in the heart of the capital of Romania for a peaceful anti-communist protest were in fact druggies, fascists and enemies of the State paid by foreign powers to overthrow the Iliescu regime. He asked them to help the police to "clean-up the capital from the traitors and enemies"

What followed is one of the most shameful chapters of Romania post revolution history.

Peaceful protesters were beaten by a mob of thousands of miners with chains, shovels, pickaxes and other tools miners use in their trade; an unknown number of people were killed and buried in unmarked graves; the University of Bucharest was ransacked, rare books burned, scientific research destroyed; headquarters of opposition Parties were looted and burned down; people on the streets were targeted and beaten simply because they wore glasses or a beard, thus they looked like intellectuals or students; women were kidnapped and raped from streets in plain daylight.

Unspeakable horrors happened during those days Romanians now call "The Mineriada" Here are a couple of images from those days:






At the end of three days of terror, President Iliescu gathered the miners who helped him crush the opposition pro-democracy protest and thanked them "for restoring the peace and helping with cleaning an planting trees and flowers in the University Plaza". Here is a propaganda photo:


And now, 25 year later Romania's largest newspaper compares President Obama with Iliescu and draws a parallel between Obama's constant use of racial fomented mob violence to achieve his political goals and Iliescu's 1990 Mineriada.

Google Translated:

State Of The Nation and Obama's American Mineriada
When Barack Obama became president, the majority black population of the United States of breathing thrilled and relieved.An African-American, a champion of justice, equality, human rights and do not last, hope for the majority of the globe arrived minority leader of the free world. Merits American executive, catapulted from obscurity to the Oval Office in 24 short months, were exacerbated among others, the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. Rarely in history has a man been so honored and revered, not magnificent achievements or heroics, but for what they might do in the future more or less distant.
This charming character, charismatic and appealing look a rara avis, a combination of Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and Pope Francis. Today, in the fall of 2015, Barak Obama is for many Americans a glorious sunset, another professional politician in the post of head of state, one mediocre and irrelevant to America and the world.Big promises and hopes of 2008 have turned into controversy and repeated failures. The so-called elections "midterm" in 2014, the vast majority of Democratic candidates running for Congress and Senate president stayed away, considering it toxic for the success of their campaigns. Impressive promises made at the beginning of the first mandate remained less settled or not.
Status American nation and the global crises and endless wars are the subject of discussion and some controversy unprecedented. Instead, Barak Obama today is less concerned today debilitating seizures of the United States and the world and totally consumed by his spiritual legacy. Obama reached its obsession with the idea of how history will judge him after his departure from the White House.
In the Oval Office, former senator of Illinois has a reputation as a difficult man, arrogant and stubborn, contrary to all appearances. Defections around him began to grow. A veteran Congress leader, another Democrat confessed that the great success not much Obama will remain the first black president of America and so. Even the Republican author believed that even the racial relations, as Obama will not fail. Unfortunately, he was wrong. In reality, the president Jimmy Carter here, no American leader has presided over a period marked by so many violent uprisings and nationally, most meaningless and reason. Since the devastating riots in Baltimore Maryland at the Ferguson - to Missouri and Illinois Sprinfield anarchic violence, Sanford Oakland California or Florida, the anger of those who are determined to destroy or steal anything that is handy became legendary.
Where found great leader and Barak Obama in national helmsman these barbaric and shameful episodes for America? What was the message President and intervention by those affected or devastated by these tragedies? When a young black man was shot in a scuffle in Sanford Florida in 2012, President Obama identified himself with it promptly, "I could be Trayvon Martin, I could be the victim". Such statement was interpreted as a carte blanche by extremists color. It was more a call to "arms", a new rebellion.Months later, the man who shot Trayvon Martin him, a so-called guardian of the neighborhood, George Zimmerman, was found guilty by a jury which included many African Americans. Meanwhile, 21 people lost their lives because of this incident and the damage amounted to more than 100 million dollars. Unlike most young whites, Asians or Latin Americans in the United States there is a segment of people of color radicalized. They live today in real ghettos and act as if they have nothing to lose. Dispose without property, they can not be expelled from schools or high schools, because a good part of them already abandoned years ago or more are suspended. They can not be dismissed, because many do not work anywhere. The university no longer the question. Their parents are addicted not only social, but even drugs. Most of the women conceived numerous children with different men. These men are often imprisoned themselves, depriving "motivated" to raise children and, especially, to pay alimony. Classic family structure that we know all there is to this social group. This status quo
No real excuse their behavior, but it certainly helps us to understand the next generation perpetuating situation. These young people are convinced that they have a future, that we owe society and state life and their misery is caused by others, specifically by white people. This part of African-American group would have become the top priority of the Obama administration and less normalization of diplomatic relations with the regime in Havana, national health insurance, or state nuclear reactors in Iran.
For Romanians familiar with the country's modern history and living in the US social crisis management in recent years by the White House seem to have a taste of miners in Bucharest. Not because rebels hunted opposition parties and their leaders, but because the degree of barbarity and violence against other Americans expressed Americans resembled those seen in Romania in 1990 and 1991. Romanian President then called "action" on ortacii (brothers) from Jiu Valley, while President Obama through his silence or tendentious comments became complicit in these misdeeds.
By refusing to directly condemn this kind of violence, Barak Obama offered their justification. Mr. Obama has a mission to improve relations implicit racial and social services in the United States. In reality, they have deteriorated to the point where such incidents have become too common and devastating at the same time. The emancipation of the poor, mostly black people and "redistributing" wealth from the wealthy to the needy affected only the lower middle class. Those with middle and low income are taxed more severely nonchalantly now and are pushed into poverty. The rich and super rich remain the same taxes as before, what has not changed their lifestyle and even mood. ObamaCare, mighty insurance plan "for all Americans," sounded from ostentation to adult bankrupted not only Doctors and clinics, but will destroy an entire medical industry soon. Income redistribution and strategy to encourage mediocrity by lowering academic standards in state schools is another coup de grace given current American society.
Barak Obama has perpetuated racism in many ways reversed. With or without intention, we experience it in New York almost daily. Just as friends and colleagues from Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Boston and Los Angeles. Apathy and hostility, aggression and indifference, all targeted more often than you'd expect primarily by white people (or Asian) of a segment of the black population. Besieged cyberspace by Chinese who steal our daily most precious data and intelligence, tease, feint and threatened shamelessly Russia's Putin terrorized systematically fanaticism of ISIS and Al-Qaida, iacătă state pride America nearly seven years of government Barak Obama. As Romanian-Americans still contemplate repatriation, but if Ronald Reagan were alive today does not recognize the current state of the nation and federation called the United States."

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Meet Romanian Catalin John Berenghi: former Foreign Legion Soldier and anti-Islamist badass

Long story short: the radical Islamist Turkish government of President Recep Erdogan offered the unpopular left wing Romanian government a multi-million Euro "donation" for the purpose of building a new mega-mosque in Romania's capital Bucharest. The Romanian government led by the premier Victor (AKA "Mickey Mouse") Ponta, accepted the offer and contributed to the project by allocating a very valuable parcel of land for the construction.

Enters Catalin Ioan (John) Berenghi, age 34.


Catalin John Berenghi's Facebook picture

John Berenghi is a veteran of the French Foreign Legion, successful businessman, passionate amateur historian and overall genuine bad-ass. It is well known they don't accept limp-wristed metrosexual wussies in the French Foreign Legion so as far as I'm concerned, Berenghi's bad ass credentials are impeccable.

Catalin John Berenghi during his days as a French Legionnaire

He, like millions of other Romanians share the collective memory of their country's 450+ years of bloody struggle for freedom from under the yoke of Islam. John Berenghi didn't like the idea of a mega-mosque being built in his country with money sent by the radical Islamist government government of Turkey and decided to take action.

But first, a little bit of history may be needed here so readers will better understand why John Berenghi and his co-nationals have a visceral aversion for Islam: 

For Romanians, Vlad "Dracula" The Impaler isn't a fictional character in a book or a Hollywood movie. He is a real life "voievod" (prince) who battled and despite the size of his minuscule army had won several victories against the mighty Islamic Ottoman Empire who tried repeatedly to invade, subdue and convert his country to Islam. 

"The Night Raid", painting by Romanian artist Theodore Aman depicting Vlad the Impaler guerrilla style night time attack on the Turkish troops encampment. The Sultan escaped with his life only because Vlad's scouts misidentified the tent where he was sleeping

To better understand Vlad's military prowess in his fight against the Islamic super-power of the age, here is a fictional scenario: just imagine the present day US Army which is the best equipped, most technologically advanced and has troops with the best combat experience in the world, would try to invade a small country like say, Iceland. Only instead of being able to defeat a badly equipped army of Icelandic fighters ten times smaller than the size of the US invasion force, not only the Icelanders crush the invading American forces, but also storm the US base of operation and attempt to dispatch the US field commander. Who barely escapes alive from the battlefield only due to sheer luck.  Vlad's heroism on the battlefield preserved Romanians Christian faith and national identity. For John Berenghi and his co-nationals Vlad's patriotism and tragic death  is somewhat akin to Sparta's King Leonidas ultimate sacrifice.

Adding insult to injury, the land donated by the Romanian government for the construction of the mega-mosque used to belong to Prince Brancoveanu's domains. Another heroic but tragic figure in Romanian history, Prince Brancoveanu who tried to forge anti-Islamic alliances with Western powers of his day was invited to the capital of the Ottoman Empire for talks with the Sultan. Once arrived, he was taken prisoner together with his four sons (youngest only 7 years of age) and his most trusted council. They were all tortured then according to the Sharia law were offered amnesty if they agreed to renounce Christianity and convert to Islam. When all five refused to abandon their Christian faith the Sultan ordered their execution. The Brancoveanu family was put to death by beheading (sounds familiar?), their bodies thrown in the Bosforus strait and their heads put on spikes.
Who said Game of Thrones has no base in real historical events?

Church painting of martyred Prince Brancoveanu and his sons

So the building a mega-mosque funded by Turkish money on the land that belonged to a martyr of Christian faith murdered by the Muslim Ottoman Turks (and officially recognized as a Saint by the Romanian Orthodox Church) is a very bad idea to say the least. More like an insult followed by a spitting in the face of every Romanian citizen and their ancestors.

When the Romanian government announced the building of a mega-mosque funded by the radical Islamist government of Turkey, Catalin John Berenghi took action.

First, he went to a super market, purchased a whole frozen pig and buried it on the land of the future mega-mosque so the land become "unclean" and improper for the construction of a mosque according to the Islamic faith:


When the leftist Romanian government reacted with an official declaration condemning John Berenghi's action, he doubled down by purchasing a herd of pigs, spray painted the Romanian national flag colors (red, yellow and blue) on their backs and released them at the same location:


More government criticism and accusations of "Islamophobia" ensued, so Catalin John Berengi responded by hauling and planting a 1 ton, 100 year old Christian Orthodox stone cross on the land of the disputed future mega-mosque:


And to make his opposition clear, he commissioned and paid for 500 wooden crosses, then posted an invitation on his Facebook page requesting help from fellow Romanians to plant them in the ground and hold a collective prayer:


What else has John Berenghi planned for the future?
He says if the construction is breaking ground and the authorities will prohibit peoples access to the land, he will rent a helicopter, load it with buckets of pig entrails and "bomb" the construction from the air.


I don't have any doubts he will do it and millions of Romanians will love and support him for it.

The latest news: a spokesperson from the Turkish embassy in Bucharest declared in an interview: 

"The subject on the mosque no longer a bilateral issue. We did not force the government to do something against the will of the Romanian people. If the Romanianpeople are against the mosque, we abide by their will. It is a Romanian national issue."

UPDATE 10-03-15:

An unknown person erected a flagpole on the plot of land where the mega-mosque will NO LONGER BE BUILT as a result of John Berenghi's courageous actions:

A Romanian national flag in red yellow and blue flies atop of the flagpole. A nice design twist for the flag: the portrait of another Romanian prince who heroically fought the Islamic Ottoman Empire and gave his life for his country is painted on the Romanian flag: Michael the Brave.

For those interested in history, a couple of facts about prince Michael the Brave:

Sources for this article:

Linked at IOTW Report:

Monday, January 20, 2014

My 80% AR rifle build - Kevin De Leon special edition (patent pending)

It fires 300 X 30 cal. clips per second, that is 154.5 times faster than a Apache helicopter minigun. Bullets launched by this ghost gun fly at the incredible speed of warp 9.975
It also incorporates 198,237 patents - the most revolutionary of them is the Klingon cloaking device that makes it a ghost at a push of a bullet button. The high rate of fire and the ghost feature makes this gun highly illegal in the Liberal Borg Quadrant of Kalifornia.

Just in case you have no idea what inspired me to build this evil instrument of death: please watch this video:

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man - Full Version, English Subtitles

It's been 3 years since I wrote about this movie and promised you that as soon as I will find it subtitled in English I will post it for your viewing pleasure.
Well, that moment is here. My blog readers now have the opportunity to watch a movie that tells the true story of the longest and hardest fought anti-communist armed resistance in history. 

To recap:

 This is a movie based on the autobiographic book "Pine Trees Break But Never Bend Down" written by a true Romanian legend: anti-communist partisani fighter Ion Gavrilă Ogoranu (1923-2006)

Born in a Romanian family in the Fagaras County, he studied at Radu Negru high school in Fagaras then enrolled in two colleges: the Agronomy College in Cluj and the Academy of Economic sudies in Brasov. He joined the Romanian Armed Forces in the famed 12th Brigade Mountain Hunters (participating in the on the western front campaign against Nazi Germany). He also enrolled at the Military Academy in Campulung.

Ion Gavrila Ogoranu started his career as an anti-communist fighter while still in college. For a decade he was the leader of the "Fagaras" group of partisan (haiduci) fighters. For his role in the anti communist armed resistance he was sentenced to death (twice) in absentia. However, for 27 years the Securitate (KGB's Romanian counterpart) failed to catch up with him - that alone is a record in itself.
Captured in 1976, he was saved from being put to death by the personal intervention of the American President Richard Nixon.

 Enjoy the movie!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Interesting Infographic on How Guns are Being Used by American Citizens Each Year

Found it here

The following info-graphic may cause seizures, nervous breakdowns and suicide thoughts in certain segments of the population such as liberals, collectivists, neo-Marxists, Obama cultists and most Democrat politicians. 
Make sure proper movement restraints are used when presenting the info-graphic to a subject belonging to any of these categories. 
Other side effects may include: foaming at the mouth, name calling such as "racist", "child murderer", "NRA tool" and "gun crazed redneck". 
Use at your own risk.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Synchronicity - A Film About A Higher Calling

This was Vlad's entry for the 48Hour Film Project - Los Angeles 2013
It's a 7 minute (time limited by festival rules) short movie that ends with a question many of you may have asked yourself sometimes.

Please enjoy and feel free to comment if you liked it (or not).

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fanfare Ciocarlia - World Wide Wedding North America Tour - Los Angeles performance 7-19-2013

Fanfare Ciocarlia: the BEST ethno-funk brass band in the world - coming from the gipsy village of Zece Prajini (Ten Sticks) in Romania.

They touring in Canada and the United States and their performances are a smashing success with the American public - fully booked venues in every city they performed.  Last night the band performed at Grand Performances in downtown Los Angeles - the open air performance venue was full to the hilt. Hundreds of people who didn't manage to find an empty seat  watched the concert standing or dancing in the dance ring to Romanian, Gipsy and Balkan tunes.

Congratulations to Fanfare Ciocarlia and hope to see you back in America in 2014!

Remaining concert dates and locations for the US  and Canadian Tour:

20.07.2013 Santa Cruz - CA (US) Moe's Alley
21.07.2013 San Francisco - CA (US) Stern Groove Festival
23.07.2013 Portland - OR (US) The Alberta Rose Theatre 
24.07.2013 Seattle WA (US) The Triple Door
25.07.2013 Calgary - AB (CA) Calgary Folk Music Festival
26.07.2013 Calgary - AB (CA)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Winning The Cultural War

The majestic Charlton Heston about civil disobedience, refusal to submit to politically correct speech, civil rights and the Second Amendment.

Listen here

Monday, July 8, 2013

Want to steal guns? There's an app for that!

Introducing Gun Geo Marker the creation of gun hating left wing nut and U.C. Sand Diego professor Brett Stalbaum.

The app description:

Geolocate Dangerous Guns and Owners with the Gun Geo Marker. Geolocation means marking dangerous sites on the App's map so that you and others can be aware of the risks in your neighborhood.
The Gun Geo Marker operates very simply, letting parents and community members mark, or geolocate, sites associated with potentially unsafe guns and gun owners. These locations are typically the homes or businesses of suspected unsafe gun owners, but might also be public lands or other locations where guns are not handled safely, or situations where proper rights to own or use any particular type of firearm may not exist.

Electronically marking these locations can help others in the area learn about their geography of risk from gun accidents or violence. No matter what your safety concern with firearms might be, you should feel free to use this tool to provide the most accurate information you can such that others can make their own safety decisions.
As a crowd sourced information tool, the information about dangerous gun sites comes from users.
In other words, if you are a good liberal and suspect your neighbors or in-laws are gun-toting Tea Party type enemies of the State, you can use this application to oust and shame them in public. Not mentioning the fact that they will have a target painted on their back for both, the police and the criminals who are looking to break into homes and steal their guns. Very reminiscent of Stalin's strategy of ousting and eliminating kulaks with the help or the Communist Party faithful during the Holodmor - the 1932-1933 Ukrainian genocide. 

Another earlier creation authored by comrade professor Stalbaum's is an app that assists immigrants to illegally cross the border into the US.
So there you go liberal smartphone users: prof. Stalbaum is offering a complete solution to help with your progressive agenda. Two apps complementing each other, the first one is enabling you to helps criminals smuggle drugs and illegal immigrants into the US, the second one will help the same criminals procure guns by pinpointing homes of gun owners.

Make sure you read the user comments on the app page - they're a riot! Here is just a couple of them:

sl0re10 - July 8, 2013 -

I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with this app. I've staked out three homes listed and once inside found no guns. Its a lot more work going into a gun owners house as you probably know. You have to make sure they're not there or you might get shot. But anyway; nothing. Just a bunch of occupy and socialist worker party fliers. I think someone is punking this app with bad info. Anyway; the cartel was really counting on getting a few rifles now that their usual supplier, the Choomer, disappeared on them. I'll probably have to lay low for awhile myself... No scores and hiding out means no cash for months... thanks for nothing devs.

 Lonnie Heisenburg - July 7, 2013 -

Thank you Gun Geo Maker! After using the app, I discovered that there were dangerous weapons at my local police station. Plenty of ar-47s and ak-5.56s that I'll be avoiding from now on.


 speedofix LA - July 8, 2013 -

My name is Jorge Luis Juan Gonzaga and I am an enforcer for Los Burros Muertes, a Mexican drug cartel based in Tijuana BC. Since the unfortunate events of last year when our largest firearms supplier Mr. Attorney General Eric Holder was investigated by the US Congress regarding the joint business venture we had with his representatives from BATF, our supply of US made AK47 and AR15 rifles kind of dried up. You may have heard about this in the media under the name "Fast & Furious". It was a hit that seriously affected our capacity to procure illegal guns from America and the fact that Pres. Obama was himself under suspicion to have been the one who masterminded the entire operation didn't helped either - in particular after he used the power of his office to stop the Congress from subpoenaing documents related to the communications between his advisers and the BATF officials involved in Fast & Furious. As you can imagine we were desperately looking for an alternative source of firearms to replace the ones supplied until last year by Mr. Attorney General Holder. This is when I found this wonderful app. Now I can locate gringo gun owners and steal their guns. Muchas gracias!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Shame their last name isn't Lopez...

Home-schooling family who fled to U.S. from Germany face deportation: 

Parents face charges and $9,000 fine for taking kids out school as Obama officials prepare to send them back

Click the image to open in full size.

Chances these people would fraudulently participate in the next elections and vote Democrat are slim...Obama has no use for them.

Monday, March 11, 2013

86-year-old WWII veteran sniper still has perfect aim

The 86 year old veteran scores 3 hits out of 3 shots at 300 yards with a replica of the Springfield 1903 A4, the same rifle model he used to kill Nazis at Bastogne and the Battle Of The Bulge...and if that wasn't impressive enough, he scores another 3 of 3 with a modern Remington 700 sniper rifle - this time at 1,000 yards!
But wait, there is more...the three 1,000 yard shots hit the human silhouette target in a 5 inch group - all head shots!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dangerous Old Men

Must read, it will strike a chord with all of you older guys and veterans in particular. But not only.

Everybody knows a Walt Kowalski. He is the grizzled Korean War veteran Clint Eastwood played in the movie Gran Torino. A man who spends his days sitting on the porch, keeping his house and yard immaculate, satisfied to drink his cheap beer while watching his neighborhood and country go to hell around him.

Click the image to open in full size.

He is an anachronism, a dinosaur -- part of the old America where you worked hard, took pride in your work and where you lived, and fought for your country and what it stood for when called upon. Armed with his M1 Garand rifle and 1911 .45 pistol he brought back from the war, he put new meaning in "Get off my lawn."

(Warning: spoilers follow.)

As anyone who has seen the movie knows, Kowalski is recently widowed and terminally ill. He does not have much to live for until he befriends his young Hmong neighbors. After teaching them what honor and self-reliance are, he eventually gives his life for them.

Fewer have heard of Ben Mitchell, who features in the book Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Mitchell is a former Vietnam-era Green Beret operative who paralyzes Washington, D.C. by crippling the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. (Again, spoilers follow.) Though not terminally ill -- yet -- Mitchell does not see much of a future ahead of him and is angered about his friend being set up by the federal government during an unconstitutional gun-grab passed in the heat of the moment by legislators after a tragedy. Before losing his life, however, he manages to take out most of the federal law enforcement team sent against him.

Both of these men are fictional characters, but is it just fantasy? Let us look back at Samuel Whittemore. Samuel was an old man -- seventy-eight years old, to be exact -- on April 19, 1775. After many years of service bearing arms for the British Crown, surely he was too old to fight, and his wife even told him so. On that fateful morning, though, he gathered up his musket, two pistols, and a cavalry saber that he acquired from a French officer who "died suddenly" and took his place to meet the British Regulars in Menotomy. When it was over, the British thought they were fired upon by a whole company and sent the same to subdue him. After dispatching some British Regulars by emptying his musket and pistols and drawing his sword, he had half his face shot off and was bayoneted thirteen times and left for dead. Samuel did indeed die -- ten years later.
Continues here
I am a veteran. I am a survivor of the communist hell. I am a dangerous old man.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


History teaches us gun control is always the first step to absolutism. I am a witness to that.
Absolutism unavoidably leads in order to:

1. government perpetrated mass murders,

Click the image to open in full size.

2. revolution,when people have had enough of the tyrants

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

3. and finally, the inevitable demise of tyrants and proponents of absolutism.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

December 21, 1989.
I was 26 years old and barely married for two months when what you see in the pictures above happened. I was in Romania, carrying an AKM-47 as a Navy reservist. I didn't really cared if I was to live or to die - living my entire as a slave under communism really made me indifferent to the perspective of dying during those blood soaked days of Christmas. In fact, I was ready to put a bullet in my head if the revolution wouldn't have succeed. We all knew they would come after us and shoot us anyway if we failed.

My father once told me: son, the single biggest mistake me and your grandad did was to surrender our guns in 1949 when the communists made gun ownership illegal. You paid for our mistake and I am sorry for that.

Now I have a 22 year old son and I am making ANYONE who wants to come to my home take my guns away A PLEDGE:


I owe that to my son. And I owe it to all the people who died for liberty in December 1989.

So help me God.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Damn Right

Click the image to open in full size.

A Picture Of Sheep

 Click the image to open in full size.

A crazed bloodthirsty hyena killed 26 lambs. Grief stricken sheep blame the sheepdogs. "Their tooth are dangerous" the sheep bleat.
Meanwhile, the pack of wolves who run the forest are salivating. Pretty soon the sheep will succeed in their pursuit of leaving the sheepdogs toothless.
And then, the entire flock will be theirs for the slaughter.