Sunday, May 8, 2011

Obama's Order To Kill, Not Capture: Dead Men Don't Talk

”I hope they went in with the idea of killing him, not capturing him. We needed to take this guy out. And I know that’s what the executive order said." --Sen. Saxby Chambliss (source)

This order to kill not capture reminds me of a very personal episode from my life.
In 1989 the Ceausescu couple was caught and executed by firing squad after a so-called "trial" that lasted 4o minutes, sentencing and execution included. No witnesses were allowed and no public was present.
It was a mocking of justice and I remember even the lawyer they had appointed by the so called "court" started his plea by accusing them of genocide. Don't get me wrong, they were guilty as hell and even more, me and my 22 million countrymen rejoiced and celebrated in the streets like Americans when Bin Laden was killed - the only difference was Ceausescu secret police who didn't believed their boss was dead were still shooting at us from the rooftops.
At the moment and considering the circumstances everybody was happy to see the evil midget and his mad genius wife (that's what we use to call them) riddled with bullets. But on that Christmas Day in 1989 justice was NOT served, and least we knew - we paid dearly and 22 years later we're still paying because of it.

Dead men don't talk: AK47 rounds fired by the death squad go through the bodies of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu and smash in the wall behind them, blowing dust and chips of concrete you can see flying around them

Turned out the people who ordered the quick execution were second in line communists posing as "revolutionaries" and used the popular uprising as a coup d'etat to grab the power for themselves. This is why while in all other Eastern European countries the revolutions of 1989 ended up by bringing to power true democratic anti-communist regimes, it took Romania another 15 years and 3 election cycles to get rid of the corrupt regime of communist apparatchiks turned "capitalists". And 22 years later, it is still not over; today they still form the largest opposition Party, have a hold on huge chunks of the Romanian economy and corrupt everything they touch. Kind of like the George Soros Democrats in the US.

I forgot to mention the Ceausescu couple personal Swiss bank accounts holding an estimated $400 million US Dollars he made from depositing gold, skimming payments for exported goods and selling ethnic Germans from Transylvania to the German government were never found. Amazing coincidence though, a couple of very important characters who used to be in Ceausescu's entourage but during the revolution turned on him and were instrumental in his quick execution became very successful business people in less than months after Ceausescu's demise. They purchased hotels, steel mills, pharmaceutical companies, merchant ships, thousands of acres of farm land, newspapers and TV stations - everything they could lay their hands on during the privatization of the formerly socialist economy, they purchased with cash and today they are very important politicians and power players in Bucharest.
Quite amazing feat for people who before Ceausescu's demise were living on the equivalent of $200/month government employee salaries.

So please excuse my doubts when I say Obama's order to kill not capture smells fishy to me. You don't order the outright assassination of a man who holds so many secrets that can be vital to the security of your country when you have a good opportunity to capture him - unless you have your own secrets related to that man and want him to be silent.