Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Made In Romania: 58 mpg Ford B-Max

I always said small diesel automobiles are the future...not hybrids, not electric cars. With his new model B-Max manufactured in Craiova - Romania, Ford is now the leader of the PRACTICAL fuel efficient automobile manufacturers. I wrote "PRACTICAL" in capital letters in order to emphasize the fact that this vehicle has no need to be plugged in an electrical outlet, it doesn't catch fire because of its on-board batteries, has an effective range of 370+ miles on a tank of fuel and doesn't need expensive Li-Ion battery exchanges every couple of years.

...."manufacturing will be handled by Automobile Craiova, which became Ford’s Eastern European subsidiary in 2008 after three turbulent decades under Romanian, French and Korean ownership. This is how Europeans outsource: Expensive Western European plants are increasingly running under capacity as work is transferred to factories in Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

Because the B-Max is a car you’ll actually be able to buy this year, it has a turbocharged engine as opposed to batteries, fuel cells and fairy dust. Ford’s 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo EcoBoost is a compact, clever unit not unlike what we saw in the Sumo. Ford says it’s good for 118 horsepower and 57.6 mpg on the European cycle. This being Europe, there are of course two diesels to choose from as well, along with a smaller, or larger, gasoline engine." (Source)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gun Ad Sends A Clear Message

Click picture to see full size

Hope lieberal-ddimmicrats pay attention.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dishonorable Disclosures

If there is only 1 (ONE) Internet video you can see for the rest of the year, this is it:

This video just drilled holes in all of Obama's lifeboats.

Please, please, please: share it in your Facebook page, link it in your Tweeter account and send it by email to everyone in your address book.
Let's make this video viral. For the sake of our country. And for the safety of our blessed warriors and their families.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

You won't hear this gun story from the Obamamedia...

From Guns Save Lives:

Armed Citizen Stops Shooting Spree And Saves Cop
An armed private citizen assisted a police officer who was pinned down by the gunfire of a madman who had just killed 3 people and could have killed many more. Amazingly the concerned citizen, Vic Stacy, did so by taking a shot of 150+ yards using only a pistol.

The caliber and gun are unknown, but Stacy mentions a “magnum bullet” which could mean a .357 or .44. Stacy landed multiple shots on the shooter and this allowed the police officer to also land shots with his AR-15 while the suspect was distracted. Complete story at the link
Here is the video:

The guy is a hero.
It is disgusting that the company who owns the Aurora CO movie theater where the massacre occurred put a "no guns allowed" sign at the entrance and made that venue a death trap.

Also, four shots fired under stress from a handgun - and all four finding their target at over 150 yds?
Man... that's not good, not excellent, but absolutely amazing shooting. Superb combination between an extraordinary marksman and the good old magnum six shooter rounds. This is why I always favor wheel guns over pistols.