Monday, June 23, 2008

Obama's 57 States Comment-REVISITED

Via email:

Barack Obama says he's gonna go out and campaign in 57 states, he was just tired, you know, it's been such a long campaign, he's been so many places, he probably thinks there are 57 states. There is a website called the International Humanist and Ethical Union and here is how the second paragraph of an article on that website begins: 'Every year from 1999 to 2005 the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) representing the 57 Islamic states presented a resolution to the United Nations commission on human rights called combating.' And the title of the piece here is, 'How the Islamic states dominate the UN human rights council,' and there are 57 of them.

Obama said he's going to campaign in 57 states, and it turns out that there are 57 Islamic states. There are 57 Islamic states. So did Obama just lose his bearings, or was this a more telling slip, folks?

The author (whoever he may be) has a point. A very good one.

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Unknown said...

When I was young(1 am 55) much time was spent teaching about our country. We had maps, drew flags, and I remember when Alaska and Hawaii were added in 1959. I think I was in the second grade.

Everyone knew how many states there were like the knew their own name.

I think Obama's slip about 57 states speaks to the fact he didn't go to school in the US, and doesn't know American culture because of that. By the way, did Obama ever show his birth certificate as McCain did??