Friday, June 20, 2008

Intelligence Officials: Dozens of (white) Europeans Have Trained in Terror Camps in Pakistan

Officials Fear This May be the Beginnings of a New Breed of al-Qaeda-Affiliated Terrorism

Dozens of white Europeans have trained in terrorist camps in Pakistan's tribal regions in recent months, U.S. intelligence sources tell ABC News, in what officials fear may be the beginnings of a new breed of al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorism.

Government officials suspect the terrorists, recruited in Europe, have been dispatched to plan attacks against Europe and possibly the United States. The alleged terrorists hail from Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Romania and Estonia, sources said.

There is growing evidence that some European recruits may have already gone operational. Two of the suspects arrested in a September 2007 plot to kill American soldiers in Germany were native Germans, and U.S. officials say they are investigating whether they were trained in Pakistan.

An April 2008 report from Europol also noted that an increasing number of European nationals attended training in Pakistan "and were later involved in, or suspected of, terrorist offences in the EU."

ABC News

I don't know what's gonna happen to a Dutch, Dane or German terrorist if they're gonna get caught and sent back to be tried to their countries of origin.
But one thing I know for sure: if a Romanian national is gonna be caught and sent back to Romania for trial, he's not gonna have an ACLU lawyer coaching him what to lie or a Human Rights commission investigating the possible toilet-dunk desecration of his Qu'ran.

On the contrary, it is quite possible after arriving in a Romanian prison the individual is gonna be wishing for his own quick death; but his wish won't be granted a single day too soon and in any other way than in a very slow and very, very humiliating and painful manner.
Which is actually the way all countries should treat this kind of Islamofascist scum: Vlad Dracula style.

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