Thursday, June 12, 2008

UK's Guardian Lashes Out Against US Second Amendment. Here Is My Response To The Editor

Not surprisingly, The Guardian (UK's #1 Socialist fishwrap) is criticizing and mocking America's "obsession with guns", calling the Second Amendment "a law created by people who thought the Earth was flat".
The idiot who wrote the piece continues:

The so called 'right to bear arms'. The Second Amendment. The untouchable written clause in the American way that gives anyone - from a yeehaa Texan President to a yahoo Detroit drug dealer - the God-given right to wield a weapon capable of causing death.
How? Why? I don't get it. This is not something level-headed and even sane people should do. Unless you're a farmer with a need to shoot vermin, perhaps.


How can anyone justify owning something which is created to cause destruction, death and misery?
Why can't the second amendment be scrapped? All guns could be taken into a police station and destroyed. Following this period of amnesty, anyone caught with a firearm, without an appropriate licence, should be arrested.
The rest of the garbage is here, just in case you suddenly feel the need to puke.

Here is my response to that idiot ramblings; not that I believe he's smart enough to be educated, but because other people may read it and change their minds:

Transsylvania Phoenix, writing from a Country Where People Are Not Called "Subjects", but Citizens.

A little about me: I was born and raised in a communist country in Eastern Europe. At the age of 36 I emigrated to America. Living in both systems, I think I have a little bit of insight on the subject.

I have to agree with the author: guns are making the society less safe.
I mean, I can clearly remember how wonderfully safe everybody felt under the communist dictatorship, when only the army and the police thugs who were keeping the population under strict control had guns.

My father who went through a communist forced labor camp, told me that the first law passed by the Communist government after taking the power through falsified elections was a law requiring all citizens to surrender their guns in the name of public safety. They promised safety, social equality and prosperity for everyone (these promises sound strangely familiar with the ones made by the Democrats in the US or the Labor Party in the UK). So my grandfather and father believed these promises. They went to the newly installed local authorities and surrendered an old hunting rifle and a Luger pistol found on the railroad tracks - probably dropped from a train transporting German troops on retreat a few years earlier.

Fast forward one year: 1951.
Communist secret police knocked down the door of my grandfather home, arrested him for being a "capitalist pig and a counter-revolutionary" He was in fact a simple farmer with no political affiliation. That day my father was away from home to the big city market selling some produce from the farm. He learned about his father arrest from a relative and that the communists thugs were looking for him too. He never came home and for the next 5 years lived in the shadows under an assumed identity, until they caught up with him, arrested him and sent him in a forced labor camp for the next 5 years. That's where he received the news his father died, a victim or those who promised "safety , equality and prosperity for all" in exchange for surrendering their guns.

My father told me: without guns to defend ourselves, we were like fish in a bucket for the thugs who came after us. He said: millions of our countrymen like me and your granpa were rounded up, imprisoned, worked to death or just summarily executed. That would have never been possible if we would have refused to surrender our guns. Never forget that, son.

So dear author, please excuse my skepticism when you write that "America isn't safe because of the guns".

You see, I prefer the "unsafety" of living in a society that guarantees the right to owns guns and to protect yourself against criminals or a government that can go against the people. I'll take that anytime over the false safety of a society like Britain where the government takes your guns while promising he will keep you safe.

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Jay S. said...

My friend, though I feel sick for your family's loss, I thank God that you have found freedom and believe in its greatness.

I'm a pessimist, I know... I fear for our freedoms as socialist/"lite"-communists gradually fear the people into giving up their rights. Of course I work to preserve them, and I enjoy seeing good people like yourself coming to this country and making it greater and stronger.