Saturday, June 28, 2008

Outraged Communist Mayor Wows To Fight Second Amendment

Seems the only answer Daley had today about the ruling on guns is RAISE TAXES on hard-working, law abiding citizens and give those millions of dollars to city lawyers in a pathetic attempt to overturn the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

What a fugging loser! Why is this idiot still mayor of Chicago, beats me!

An “outraged” Mayor Daley this morning denounced a U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning Washington D.C.’s handgun ban as a “frightening decision” and a “return to the days of the Wild West.”

Daley predicted that Chicago’s 1982 handgun freeze would be next in the crosshairs of the powerful gun lobby and that gun violence will surge if they’e successful.

The mayor said he would vigorously defend Chicago's gun ordinance despite the Supreme Court's ruling and feels the decision will make it far more difficult to protect law-abiding citizens.
The mayor said he would vigorously defend Chicago’s ordinance, in spite of what he called the dangerous precedent set by the nation’s highest court.

“This is a very frightening decision for America. …Does this lead to everyone having a gun in our society? If they think that’s the answer, then they’re greatly mistaken. Then, why don’t we do away with the court system and go back to the Old West? You have a gun and I have a gun and we’ll settle in the streets,” Daley told reporters at Navy Pier.
“I have no problems with those hunting, gun collectors….But, how do you get a gun into your house? Does it fly in by a stork? You purchase a gun. You carry the gun in a car. You come to your home. And we’ve shown time and time again how many children have been killed in their homes by guns. Parents are away, they get the guns….The child takes the gun, runs out in the street, has an argument, comes back and shoots somebody.”
At a time when Chicago’s homicide rate is rising by nearly 13 percent and children are being gunned down on city streets, Daley said the Supreme Court has “changed the rules” in a way that will make it far more difficult to protect law-abiding citizens.
“The Supreme Court and Congress have no obligation to keep our country safe. It falls on the backs of mayors and local officials. That’s who say, ‘I want my street, my parks, my school, my church, mosque and synagogues — I want everything to be safe.’…They’re changing the rules….Why should we as a city not be able to protect ourselves from those who want guns in our society?” the mayor said.
Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis today said that 75 percent of Chicago’s murders involve firearms. So far this year, Chicago Police have responded to 15,000 “man with a gun” calls and 27,000 calls of “shots fired.”
“Today’s recent decision by the Supreme Court will have to be looked at by a lot of the lawyers to see how it truly will impact upon law enforcement,” Weis said at police headquarters. “However, if the result of this ruling are that more guns come on the street, it’s going to make it more challenging for law enforcement.”
Daley noted that the U.S. Supreme Court building and Congress are in a security bubble with armed guards everywhere and metal detectors galore.
“Those who are rich and those who are in power always feel safe. Those who do not have the power do not feel safe. And that’s what they’re saying,” Daley said.
“You cannot carry a gun into a federal building. You cannot carry a gun into a federal court. So, they’re setting themselves aside. They’re saying to the rest of America that the answer to all of the constitutional issues is that we can carry guns. I just don’t understand how they came to this thinking. I’m very, very disappointed.”
Chicago’s ban on new handguns-and a companion requirement that all existing guns be re-registered every year-was pushed through the City Council in 1982 in the wake of the assassination attempts on former President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II and the death of two police officers.
The number of registered guns has steadily plummeted ever since.
Most gun owners have apparently decided that it’s too much trouble to re-register their weapons. And tens of thousands of additional weapons have been purchased or inherited since the freeze took effect and brought into Chicago illegally.
For years, aldermen have called the handgun freeze a “charade” and likened it to Prohibition.
Earlier this month, the City Council finally got around to acting on that belief.
They agreed to re-open gun registration in Chicago — but not in the narrow manner proposed by Ald. Richard Mell (33rd).
A former hunter, Mell had proposed a one-month amnesty after he forgot to re-register his arsenal of shotguns, rifles and pistols as required every year by the ordinance he helped to pass.
During the month-long window, gun owners who attempted to re-register their guns between May 1, 2007 and April 1, 2008 only to be rejected on grounds the registrations had lapsed would have been allowed to re-register without penalty.
The ordinance ultimately approved by the Council quadrupled the amnesty period. And it applied to everybody who “possesses a firearm that was at one time validly registered to that person in the city of Chicago.”

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