Sunday, June 8, 2008

Chicago: Pediatric Doctors Call For Strict Gun Control As Murder Rate Approaches Records

One thing's for sure: doctors kill more people than firearms.
Let's ban doctors.

Exercepts from the article:

1993 Youth Murder Rate Attracts Doctors' Attention (CBS)

A troubling rash of violence has plagued Chicago so far in 2008, much of it taking the lives of youth and teenagers, and much of it committed with guns.

Homicides were up for the first four months of this year, and in just one weekend in late April, there were 36 shootings in the city, nine of them fatal.


As Joan Lovett explained in this report from Aug. 4, 1993, the problem of youth violence was so severe that summer that the medical community was calling it a health crisis.


The American Academy of Pediatrics was calling for sweeping actions. They wanted a ban on the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns. Tanz agreed.

"If we got rid of that weapon, the teenage arguments – over girls, over a bottle of beer, over whatever teenagers fight about – couldn't escalate to gunfire," Tanz said.

"Are we interested in the children or are we interested in the guns?" Tanz asked. "If we're interested in the guns, then we can kiss the children goodbye."

The American Academy of Pediatrics maintains its call for a ban on handguns, although since 1993, there have also been several trends in the other direction. Many states have passed concealed carry laws, which proponents credit with reducing crime, and a handgun ban in Washington, D.C., was repealed.

But wait...this can't be true! What are these doctors talking about? Don't they know firearms were already banned in Chicago for years already? How can any kid be shot or killed with a firearm since all criminals and law abiding citizens alike living in Chicago were ordered by the local government to surrender their guns a long time ago?

Hmm...maybe only the law abiding citizens obeyed the gun ban law and the criminals did not because by definition A CRIMINAL DOES NOT OBEY THE LAW?

Who knows. This is one of the great mysteries of life the average liberal brain may be never able to comprehend. It's just a design flaw.

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