Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Asian" thug walks free after attacking priest

Ahhhhhhhhhh the religion of peace...

A drunken lout who viciously beat a priest on his church grounds in Shadwell
walked free from court yesterday.

Babul Islam, 19, and two other Asian youths (read peaceful muslims) levelled kicks and punched the 57-year-old clergyman in the head - one allegedly shouting ' f**king priest' as the blows reined down for six minutes.

'One off mistake'

Islam, of Limehouse, admitted being drunk (a drunk moslem??? whod'd thunk it?)but denied the assault in March was religiously motivated.

Judge Glenn Brasse agreed and concurred that his actions where a 'one off mistake.' (somebody tell Judge Glenn Gullible what "tayiqya" means in arabic)

His bruised and battered victim, Michael Ainsworth, spent two weeks in hospital (not that the infidel dog didn't deserved it). His face was swelled and bruised with deep cuts and two black eyes when he returned to his post at St George-in-the-Field Church.

The shop assistant was told he deserved a jail term but instead received a four-month suspended sentence, £1,000 compensation to Mr Ainsworth and 100 hours unpaid work (that's gonna teach him next time not to leave the kufar pig alive). Police initially investigated the assault as a faith hate crime.

A brick was thrown through the church window during mass previously as youths screamed 'this should be a mosque not a church.' Rev Alan Green, Dean of Tower Hamlets claimed there were 'faith hate' incidents in east London every month.

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