Monday, June 2, 2008

Oh, The Irony... UK Anti-Gun Campaigner Pat Regan Stabbed To Deat In Own Home

Unfortunately, gun-hating liberals don't get it. Right till they draw their last breath, they still don't get it: when you are attacked by a criminal and have only seconds to save your own life, cops are just minutes away.

Anti-gun Campaigner Pat Regan Killed at Home
From UK Telegraph

A mother who championed a national campaign against gun crime has been found stabbed to death at her home.

Pat Regan, 53, was at the forefront of Mothers Against Violence movement after her son Danny was shot in a suspected gangland killing.

Police confirmed that her 20 year old grandson was being held in connection with her death.

Mrs Regan's body was found in her first floor maisonette, in the Hyde Park area of Leeds, by a neighbour on Sunday night.

Her grandson Rakeim had been arrested earlier in the day at the city's main railway station after a 45 year old security guard was stabbed.

Members of staff had challenged him about trespassing when he is claimed to have attacked the man with a knife while on a platform.

The injured officer was taken to hospital after suffering a stab wound to his arm.

British Transport Police officers detained Rakeim on suspicion of attempted murder and Mrs Regan's body was discovered seven hours later. It is understood he has been receiving treatment for mental health problems.

Mrs Regan became a prominent figure in the campaign against the rising tide of violence after her 25 year old son Danny's murder in St Helens, Merseyside in Dec 2002.

Here is a thought that would have absolutely horrified Pat Regan:

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Please visit their website, they have a ton of amazing pics.

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