Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vaclav Klaus: Obama, Sarkozy And Mekel Are Scaremongers

In an opinion piece for the liberal daily Mladá Fronta Dnes, Czech President Václav Klaus criticises the attempts to solve the global crisis with regulations and stimulus packages:

"Politicians have never been as far removed from serving the interests of the citizens as they are today. … I don't intend to lecture Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy, or German Chancellor Angela Merkel on how to revive their national economies in the short-term, but I'm convinced that the solution to today's problems cannot lie in pumping money into the economy which our children and grandchildren will have to repay for many decades to come.
This policy of [John Maynard] Keynes has never worked. ... We should concentrate on trying to rid the economy of all those factors that artificially slow it down: bureaucracy, an overblown welfare state, high taxes and insurances, rigid labour laws, the ambitions of environmental activists and cumbersome institutions whose official stamp the economy is forced to wait for.
… The biggest mistake now would be to increase regulation. And above all: politicians should avoid intensifying the panic with their dramatic gestures and worried faces."

Translated from by TranssylvaniaPhoenix

Last February, Vaclav Klaus compared the supporters of European integration with the Communist Party activists from the Soviet era.
This man has too much common sense for the American and European libs.
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Ronin said...

You,Sir,are a brilliant man! Too bad you can't be our American President.

Lumo said...

My full translation of Klaus' op-ed is here, click this sentence.

costin said...

salut, ma gindeam ca esti roman, dar acuma vad ca esti intradevar. Foarte fain blogu' :)

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

Da, sint Roman American. Ma bucur ca iti place blogul meu. Ti-am vazut profilul, se pare ca avem aceleasi opinii politice. Ai vrea sa devii contributor si sa scrii cate ceva aici? Sint bloggeri care ma roaga sa traduc si as public orice stiiri din Estul Europei cu privire la invazia Islamica.
Am auzit ca din nefericire Romania a devenit un fel de colonie arabeasca si multi Romani au inceput sa le impartaseasca ura pentru occident -America si Israel in particular. Ar fi interesant daca am putea tine lumea la curent cu ceea ce se intampla pe meleagurile noastre.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

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