Monday, March 2, 2009

Daily Kos Lite Comments On Coulter's Speech At CPAC

Charles Johnson and his Daily Kos Lite err...Little Green Footballs contributors are commenting on Ann Coulter's CPAC speech:

Charles 2/28/09 9:40:02
It looks like we are about to be treated to some Coulter.
I wonder which minority she'll insult today?

Liberals, RINOS, sellouts. Pick the category you feel most comfortable with, Charlie.

2/28/09 9:40:58
I'm betting us. The rational Conservatives.

You rational? Don't say?

Charles 2/28/09 9:40:51
Irony alert. They're playing Queen.

Poor Freddie Mercury... I'm guessing you believe Coulter infected him with AIDS, not gay sex.

Mich-again 2/28/09 9:41:34
Decent rack.

Sexist pig

engineer 2/28/09 9:41:52
I'm thinking inserts or push-ups

Another sexist pig

Taqyia2Me 2/28/09 9:42:24
Let's set up a fund to send her to a steak house, you CAN be too thin.

Envious, fattie?

Charles 2/28/09 9:42:46
Does anyone see anything slightly hypocritical about playing the music of an openly gay artist, to introduce a person who is a virulent gay-hater?

Virulent gay hater? Sounds very familiar. Damn Markos, is that you?

Hengineer 2/28/09 9:44:34
I don't get it are these supposed to be jokes?

You don't get many things, but that's OK, you have an important role in society. God created stupid people like you to entertain the rest of us.

notutopia 2/28/09 9:49:06
Obama bashing....anything else Ann?

Obama's honor and good name must be defended, comrades. Who does she think she is?

2/28/09 9:52:04
Bashing McCain now.

Like McCain doesn't deserve it.

wrenchwench 2/28/09 10:04:13
There it is--she hates young people.

You got it wrong genius. She doesn't hate anybody; she just makes fun of morons. Like you.

Yep, this is the new and improved Little Green Footballs, people. Also known as Daily Kos lite.


Jeff said...

LMAO! I didn't know anyone still read the comments over there, other than the enlightened liztards...

Mats said...

The looze-ard army has crossed the Jordan but in the wrong direction.