Sunday, March 1, 2009

Liberal Mom Child Abuse: 15 Minutes Of Fame More Important Than Gun Safety Ed For Child

Let me see if I understand this person reasoning: her 5 year daughter is safer if she completely ignorant about the fact guns are not toys and she shouldn't play with them.
She also probably believes that it is preferable her daughter goes to a friend or relative house, finds a gun in the drawer and starts playing with it - instead of not touching the gun and telling an adult immediately, as the Eddie Eagle coloring book teaches it. No, she must not know that; being educated is dangerous.
Ignorance is knowledge. Slavery is freedom. Welcome to the Liberal Utopia.

Oh, I understand now...the Eddie Eagle coloring book is published by the NRA and therefore it MUST be evil.
Anyone wanna bet this dumb mom wouldn't object a sex ed coloring book for her 5 year kid and in fact her 15 minutes of fame on TV are more important than her daughter safety?

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tsiya said...

Looks like Rosie O'Donnels twin sister? I looked, don't think there is anything behind her eyes!