Sunday, March 22, 2009

Repo Man Is Coming For The Obamobile

Link: Artist's Obama painted car to get repossessed in Tampa, Fla.

Jennifer Stone-Anderson says her 2004 Saturn Ion became a work of art this fall when she covered it with elaborate paintings supporting Barack Obama.

But Chrysler, which financed her car purchase, maintains that it's just a car. And that Stone-Anderson has been missing payments. And that her work of "art" is about to be repossessed.

But...but...but...Obama said he's gonna make the car payments and give her free gasoline!
Man oh man... this is what I call "poetic justice"


Proof said...

Hopefully they charge her for cleaning the crap off the car, too!

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

She's probably expecting Obama will read about her story in the newspapers and he's gonna buy her a new Prius ;)

tsiya said...

The world will never run out of idiots!