Monday, March 2, 2009

Marxists, Illegals March Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio In Phoenix

Looks like Sheriff Arpaio must be doing something right, if the "La Raza" scumbags gathered 3000 illegals and left wing losers to march against him. Too bad old Joe didn't do a greencard raid at the rally. If the citizens or US legal residents wish to demonstrate, it's perfectly alright. But if you are an illegal, here is what he should have done: handcuffs, please step on the bus, direction processing center, direction the closest border crossing, adios amigos. And if I catch you here again we'll give you a jumpsuit and a shovel and we'll force you to build roads for Uncle Sam for free.

Thousands march against Arpaio in Phoenix

Thousands of opponents of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's illegal-immigration policies held their "March to Stop the Hate" in downtown Phoenix on Saturday..

As of 1:30 p.m., the speeches were still being made at the march's destination, the federal building. According to initial reports, the march was peaceful, with no major incidents as of early Saturday afternoon.

Crowd estimates from organizers and law enforcement were not immediately available, but at least one estimate put it at about 3,000.

Along the march route, between 100 and 200 Arpaio supporters gathered at the Wells Fargo Tower. Many carried "We Support Sheriff Joe" signs, among others.

The event was being led by the National Day Laborers Organizing Network and El Puente Arizona, and feature Zach de la Rocha, former lead singer of Rage Against the Machine. De la Rocha arrived at about 10:30 a.m., just before the march began at Steele Indian School Park.

Organizers marched south on Central Avenue past the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building. The route also passed Wells Fargo Tower - where Arpaio has his headquarters - and ended at the federal building on Washington Street.

Anybody want to guess what Obama and the Democrats will do when the Porkulus bill and the mortgage bailout will fail and their political capital with the American people will be completly wiped ut? If you say they will try to use their majority position and shove down our throats an amnesty for the 30,000,000 illegal immigrants then use them to win the 2012 elections - you may have guessed right.


Christopher Logan said...

Some illegals are so ungrateful. I hope the sheriff rounds them up on a bus and throws them out. The cost of illegal immigration is bringing us down.

I. A. Frausto said...

"The Native Americans found out what happens when you don't control immigration".....

Keep up the fight Sheriff!

William said...

Every State needs at least (1) one Joe Arpaio.

DR1665 said...

It's pretty sad when someone who actually stands up for the legal, taxpaying citizens of his state is so defiled through BS like this.

Doesn't matter what you call it. If you knowingly break the law, then you're a criminal.

carolinagirl74 said...

Honestly! I am so sick of right being wrong and wrong being right. I cannot discuss this issue without getting angry. We may as well annex Mexico. Or better yet, give California to Mexico. Could we do that?

nightsongs said...

Sheriff Joe loves America. That's why he hates drug-running, gangster illegals! Something's gotta be done soon, or patriotic Americans of every color are going to get physical!

Anonymous said...

joe is an ungratfull basterd.people are people. like god says love thy nabbor and who ever says diffrent will go to hell your day is coming. joe and every one who is with him

Anonymous said...

Good idea. Check all of their immigration status. Then those who are legal citizens can sue that dirtbag for infringing upon their right to free assembly.

And before anyone says that you are free to assemble after we check your card, requiring identification or government agents recording names of those holding peaceable demonstrations went out of vogue in the 60's.