Saturday, March 28, 2009

Unexpected Visitors

Went out hunting today in an area I never hunted before (won't say where) trying to get a coyote or two.
I parked the car on the side of the road, walked down a ravine, sat down, loaded my carbine and started blowing the jackrabbit distress call waiting for Willye E. Coyote to show up. Barely a minute later, I hear something really big running from the ravine below toward me. My first thought was "damn, this can't be a coyote, Mr. Bear is coming for a free rabbit meal". The noise stopped for half minute then resumed again, only this time louder and coming from further back of the place I heard the first noise coming from; clearly sounded like another animal running toward me and coming from the same direction like the first one. "Just my luck, the first noise was mama bear and this one is the cub following her" just went through my mind.
Then I saw them:

Two deer, barely 30 yards away, looking around for the source of the rabbit screams - my Johnny call. Seeing they didn't noticed me, I let another rabit scream go to see if I can make them come even closer; at that moment another movement, same direction and another not one but tree deer came up the hill joining the first two in their search. Five animals in total! Brought in by a rabbit distress call!

That moment I realized I didn't brought the camera with me. Damn! I stood up, and started walking toward them and only then the animals noticed me. Just as they started moving away I remembered I had my cellphone in my pocket; I took it out and managed to take two pictures (the lousy camera phone pics are better than no pics, right?). Only two deer are visible if you look very closely, one in each picture right in the center. The second group of three deer left immediately after I stood up, so I missed the opportunity to take a "group picture" with all 5 of them. I want to share them now with all of you.

Now I know exactly where to look for deer next season opener

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