Sunday, March 1, 2009

Coulter Brings Down The House At CPAC

Worth watching one of Ann's funniest speeches. I was laughing so hard it started hurting!

Part 1

Part 2

H/T FreedomsLighthouse

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Update 3/2/09 16:41

Charles Johnson and his Little Red Minions are commenting on Ann Coulter's CPAC speech:

Charles 2/28/09 9:40:02
It looks like we are about to be treated to some Coulter.
I wonder which minority she'll insult today?

Liberals, RINOS, sellouts. Pick the category you feel most comfortable with, Charlie.

2/28/09 9:40:58
I'm betting us. The rational Conservatives.

You rational? Don't say?

Charles 2/28/09 9:40:51
Irony alert. They're playing Queen.

Poor Freddie Mercury... I'm guessing you believe Coulter infected him with AIDS, not gay sex.

Mich-again 2/28/09 9:41:34
Decent rack.

Sexist pig

engineer 2/28/09 9:41:52
I'm thinking inserts or push-ups

Another sexist pig

Taqyia2Me 2/28/09 9:42:24
Let's set up a fund to send her to a steak house, you CAN be too thin.

Envious, fattie?

Charles 2/28/09 9:42:46
Does anyone see anything slightly hypocritical about playing the music of an openly gay artist, to introduce a person who is a virulent gay-hater?

Virulent gay hater? Sounds very familiar. Markos, is that you?

Hengineer 2/28/09 9:44:34
I don't get it are these supposed to be jokes?

You don't get many things, but that's OK, you have an important role in society. God created stupid people like you to entertain the rest of us.

notutopia 2/28/09 9:49:06
Obama bashing....anything else Ann?

Obama's honor and good name must be defended, comrades. Who does she think she is?

2/28/09 9:52:04
Bashing McCain now.

Like McCain doesn't deserve it.

Yep, this is the new and improved Little Green Footballs, people. Also known as Daily Kos lite.


Anonymous said...

Coulter was awesome!! I wish I could have been there, it sounds like everyone had a great time at CPAC this year!

Kenny said...

Some great lines! Well worth watching.

The Frozen North


Excellent job Annie!

diana71g said...

I love Ann Coulter. What she says only go over the heads of Dems. Most Dems. are not very intelligent. Why is it the folks who know nothing about politics or history, always vote Dem.? The bad thing is, these people aren't paying attention yet. They got off the couch and voted for a liberal, they're job is done. Now they wait for the big handout.

Skip said...
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Skip said...

I can't belive how funny she is!!! This makes me wish that I had been in that room, because I'd of recorded it for my own personal archives. Great Job Ann stick it to the Dems AKA THE MARXIST !!! Senator Joe McCarthy would be so proud of you!! GOD knows that I am.

Gravel Gertie said...

Pshaw! The only thing funny about this imposter is how much she resembles me! Quit it Annie, this cartoon strip aint big enough fer bote-of- us!

Anonymous said...

The female Rush Limbaugh. They are the King and Queen of the Repugnicans. Hard to say which one is the bigger a-hole.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

The Obamobot just chimed in...

Mats said...

Good to see that darwinist rage boy aka Charles Johnson is reaping what he has sown.

We don't need backstabbing "conservatives" on our side.

billyrp said...

I did find this video funny. Ann Coulter yet again shows how she cherrypicks ideas to bash upon. Making fun of Obama's 53% victory when Bush lost the poplar vote in 2000 and only received 50.7% in 2004, but declared that he had a mandate. That is hilarious. Until the Republican party disavows itself from these far right idealogues no one will take them seriously.

Mats said...

BillyRP saith:

"Until the Republican party disavows itself from these far right idealogues no one will take them seriously."

There's nothing "far right" about Ann, if by "far right" you mean it in a condescending negative way. What the conservartive movement world wide doesn't need is wolfs in sheep clothing roaming in the midst of us, trying to destroy what we have built with such great work.

What the republican party needs to do is to afirm it's God given morals, and take back the nation, Reagan style.

Liberals pretending to be conservatives are not welcome.

Anonymous said...

Looks at all the LEFTY LIBERALS on attack because Ann is exercising her "Right to Free Speech" - Imagine that (LOL)