Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Obollywood Administration

Look, he's like Lincoln! No, he's like Reagan. Or like Truman maybe...
Welcome to the Obollywood administration: trying hard to imitate great American Presidents but ultimately only succeeding to embarrass our nation.

Raaa… ba ri da du ra raaaa…


Listen and listen carefully
But first some applause
I’m singing the last song of the night
In the song I wish to say
Take my advice if you want to be happy
Ahooo, twistere!

Aho, aho, 800 billion, 1 trillion, 5 trillion
Ahoo, twistere!
We print tons of money to stimulate the economy
Ahoo, we stimulate !

Look no one knows yet
My heart loves you

I close Guantanamo, and let you stay in America
To be free and have Constitutional rights
You are not terrorists anymore
Europe, you can have a couple of them too!

We must meet because of destiny
We also create false promises

I gifted Gordon Brown
With a couple of American movies on DVD
Wrong region his DVD player displayed at home in London
So we sent another video to Teheran, saying "let's make peace"
Wrong region again, they said America must apologize first!

Superman! Superman!
I will start loving you and you will ask for more
I will let you enjoy me a little and tease you

New York Times and CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera
Putin and Ahmadinejad, Chavez and Sean Penn

Agea, agea, agea, aaa!
Ciuki ciuki delki bate
Iarkaren de!

Translated from patruped:bun biped:rau

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