Monday, March 9, 2009

Give President Obama An F Grade

Results as of 03/03/09 @ 8:30 PM. Hit the poll here.


Anonymous said...

Many of us found your page via a link from I have searched for this poll on MSNBC.COM and I cannot find it. Your link to it still works and it is clear that this is an MSNBC poll. However, it appears that MSNBC may have already scrapped the links to it given the poor report that it gives to Obama.

Anonymous said...

It's still up on msnbc.
You have to click on

"Hit the poll here".

Not surprising the poll not reported by any msm.

Anonymous said...

did any of you notice the poll for BUSH? his F grade is only at 45%...and this is on MSNBC...??

the Main Stream Media is a disgusting, lying, gutless pack of bias liberal minority agenda pushing wolves...period.

and to all you reality ignoring liberal trolls....NO you cannot vote more then once. he really is THAT bad. theory crushed dingbats.