Monday, January 26, 2009

Update: Obama's Little Blue Book Is Real

Read quite a few snarky comments from several Obamatons claiming that Obama's Little Blue Book (Mao's Little Red Book Vol. II) is nothing but a hoax, a Rovian conspiracy.

I have good news for you, my dear bovines: the book is real and you can buy it. It is also copyrighted, and that means your ObaMessiah receives royalties when you buy it.
Here are some screenshots of the Obama Gospel I took from just minutes ago:

Did you know that if you read a single page a day from Obama's Little Blue Book to your landlord, he will give you free rent of an entire month?
Or you can take Obama's Little Blue Book with you when you gas up your car and instead of money you can pay the gas station attendant with a page from this magic little book?
But wait, there is even more! If you or anyone one of your kids falls down and gets a contusion or any other type of injury you can use a page of Obama's Little Blue Book instead of a Band Aid and the injury will heal within minutes?

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