Sunday, January 18, 2009

GOOD GUY SHOOTS BAD GUY. (we assume Sarah Brady, other liberal gun grabbers are in tears)

...or we could have read about another VA Tech style massacre. In California, New Jersey, Illinois and other liberal gun-controlled states it could likely be one.

January 18th 2009

Confirmed: There was a shooting incident in Glasgow, Montana on Saturday afternoon. Besides the shooter, one person was killed and two were injured. Police locked down the community, warned people to lock doors and stay inside, and followed a blood trail which eventually led to the deceased shooter.

Unconfirmed but probable: The shooter made his attack at a local hospital and killed a female Emergency Medical Technician. Scott Billingsly was present because his wife works at the hospital.
Scott has a Montana concealed weapon permit, was armed, and engaged the shooter in defense of himself and others. Scott was injured in the hand and Scott's wife was also injured. The shooter was seriously injured and was driven off by Scott's armed engagement of the shooter. The seriously wounded shooter sought shelter, leaving the blood trail that law enforcement followed, where they found the shooter dead of a possibly self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The people of Glasgow who know these details are highly thankful that an armed citizen was present and able to interdict the killer before he could kill more than the one person murdered, possibly saving the lives of many other hospital employees.

Somehow this kind of news don't make it to national headlines in major liberal drive-by media. I keep on wondering why.

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