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Memorable Quotes From The American Mainstream Media About The New Era Of Enlightment

Wait...did I just said Quotes From The American Mainstream Media? uh... sorry, my mistake.
What I meant was Quotes From The ARABIC Mainstream Media.

But in fact, there is not the slightest difference between the triumphalist tone of the Arab Media and the American Media so one can only wonder...are the "journalists" writing from Damascus, Teheran or Cairo the same guys who are writing for WaPo and NY Times?

Arabic Media Herald The Obama Era

LONDON, Jan. 20, 2009
(CBS) CBS News has compiled a rundown of Inauguration Day headlines and story summaries from some of the leading media outlets in the Arabic world and Iran. Here’s what the Muslim world is saying:

Asharq al-Awsat - London based Saudi pan-Arab daily newspaper, Front Page:

Obama in His Inauguration Speech: An Invitation to Americans To Embrace New Culture

"In his inauguration speech tomorrow, U.S. President Barack Obama will be calling upon Americans to embrace a new, responsible behavior, instead of sitting in the spectators’ seats. White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs told Fox News that the speech stresses responsibility and turning America in the right direction."

Al-Quds al-Arabi - London based pan-Arab daily newspaper, Front Page:

At Last, A World Without Bush. And Obama Plans a Week Full of Achievements

“It’s a world without Bush, for the first time in eight years! A world with no “pre-emptive war ideology,” no “war on terror,” and without a president who believes he invaded Iraq after receiving orders to do so from God! But will Obama rise up to the expectations of the Arab world in terms of adopting better policies that are more balanced and less bloody? Only time will tell.”

Al-Hayat - London based Lebanese pan-Arab daily newspaper, Front Page:

Obama President of the United States Today, And Growing Optimism With Bush’s Departure

“Hours separate Americans from a historic moment that many of them wanted, so little expected - the inauguration of Obama, the first African American and 44th President of the United States of America. The event is also associated with great optimism and the renewed promise of the beginning of a new start, all together different from the era of President Bush, who ended his farewell activities yesterday and left the White House for the “Change” team and the Democratic school that now has control of the country’s legislative and executive powers.”

Al-Arab - London based Iraqi daily newspaper, Front Page:

Will Obama Open a "White" Page in America's "Black" History?

"The White House that was built some 200 years ago with the hands of black slaves is opening its doors today to Barak Obama, the first African American President of the United States, who succeeds George W. Bush, who left after spending two terms in office, leaving a heavy inheritance. Many are hoping that Obama’s inauguration will be a sign of a new post-racial era in America.”

Al-Ahram - Cairo based pan-Arab daily newspaper, Front Page:

Obama Prepares for His Inauguration Today by Singing at the Lincoln Memorial

“Hours before his inauguration as the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama took part yesterday in a musical concert that was held at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. Dozens of celebrities participated in the concert, which was also attended by Joe Biden and his wife, and Hollywood actor Tom Hanks read out excerpts from Lincoln's speeches.”

ISNA Web site - Site of the government-controlled Iranian Student News Agency:

Deputy FM: Reviving frozen Iran-U.S. ties needs Obama to fulfill promises

"The Foreign Ministry’s Deputy says U.S. President Barack Obama must fulfill the promises he made regarding Iran during his campaign if he is to revive frozen ties between the two countries. Iran expects Obama, regarding any reconciliation, to act according to justice, Mehdi Safari said while in Brussels for energy talks with the European Union officials and Javier Solana. He added, however, Iran will accept no preconditions for talks particularly over its nuclear issue."

Iran Daily - Tehran based English language newspaper, published by Iran Press Institute:

Obama Vows to Renew America's Promise

"Barack Obama paid a glowing to tribute to civil rights hero Martin Luther King on Monday, saying his inauguration as America’s first black president would extend the work of “renewing the promise of this nation.“ “Tomorrow, we will come together as one people on the same mall where Dr. King’s dream echoes still. As we do, we recognize that here in America, our destinies are inextricably linked," he said in a statement, AFP reported. “We resolve that as we walk, we must walk together. And as we go forward in the work of renewing the promise of this nation, let’s remember King’s lesson - that our separate dreams are really one."

Striking similarities, isn't it? It's just like picking up today's NY Times and reading from the front page.

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