Sunday, January 25, 2009

America Turned The Page On Racism?

Just give Obama a couple of years and you'll see how racism is history.
Racism on blacks and minorities, of course. Racism on whites, that's another story. You should ask my wife who's unsuccessfully looking for a job right now and it seems that all positions she applied for in the last six months have been occupied by other candidates belonging to minorities, with less work experience and less education.

Or just read the following story:

Court to pay $424k for white discrimination

Detroit's 36th District Court must pay a longtime white employee $424,000 because he was repeatedly denied promotions in favor of black applicants.

The Michigan Supreme Court on Friday let stand a jury's discrimination verdict for Kenneth Sciotti in 2005.

Sciotti had shown at trial that in the departments he applied to, all but one of the supervisors were black. All nine supervisory jobs he wanted in a four-year period were filled by blacks.

Sciotti, who started at the court in 1979, said he was passed over for less-qualified applicants.

The district court also has to pay Sciotti at least $151,000 in attorney fees and costs. The Michigan Court of Appeals upheld the verdict in 2007 before it was appealed again.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are NOT expected to demonstrate.

Here is how the current Obama Administration plans to deal with the issue:

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