Monday, January 26, 2009

Success! Tougher Gun Laws In Belgium Preventing Murder, Violence.

As the American liberals say: "It's for the children..."
The new Belgian gun law is Obama and the Democrats wet dream. You can almost hear them having an orgasm while reading it.

In 2006 the Belgian Parliament approved a new gun law. All firearms are banned unless a permit is obtained from the provincial governor. In Belgium since June 2006 nobody is allowed to own a gun or a rifle unless he has a special permission but it is extremely difficult to get one, this includes also hunters. Each gun or rifle is registered and the owner has a file in the police database.

For policemen of course it is different as a gun is part of their work equipment. But this has changed too. Since the passing of the new law, Belgian cops are not allowed anymore to take their guns home; cops are required to leave their service firearms in the locker at the end of the work day.

Thank God for the Socialist government of Belgium passed this law. Children and women are so much more secure when guns are banned:

Knife-wielding man killed two babies and a caregiver;
seriously wounds other 12 including 10 young children

By RAF CASERT Associated Press Writer

The suspect who went on a deadly stabbing spree at a Belgian day care center is also thought to have killed an elderly woman 10 days ago and had plans on him to attack two more nurseries, a prosecutor said Monday.

Christian Du Four said police now believe the man they are holding for Friday's day care massacre in Dendermonde may also have stabbed to death a 73-year-old woman who lived nearby on Jan. 16.

"There are very clear indications of links between the murders in Dendermonde and the death of the elderly woman," said Du Four.

Investigators had been unable to find a motive for woman's slaying.

Last Friday, a knife-wielding man killed two babies and a caregiver at the Fairyland day care center in Dendermonde, a town 30 kilometers (18 miles) west of Brussels. He also knife-wielding man killed two babies and a caregiver, in a rampage so bloody it left rescue workers shaken.

Belgium is still trying to come grips with the attack. Day care centers and schools reopened for a new week Monday but many parents were still anxious and many small students cried when they discussed the tragedy.

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