Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another "Stand-up, Chuck!" Moment Courtesy Of Joe The Idiot

And people say Biden is a gaffe machine. How did they get that idea?

Biden Says to Expect More U.S. Casualties in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON -- Vice President Joe Biden says the nation should expect more U.S. military casualties as the Obama administration plans to send additional troops to Afghanistan.

Pentagon officials say they plan to send up to 30,000 additional troops to the Afghan war, where the Taliban is resurgent and violence has been on the rise. The request for more troops from military commanders was endorsed by the Bush administration and has been favored by the Obama government, too.

Biden said Sunday that additional U.S. forces will be engaging the enemy more. Asked if that means the U.S. public should expect more American casualties, the vice president said: "I hate to say it, but yes, I think there will be. There will be an uptick."

"We're sending you to Afganistan to die".
Guess that's the Obama Administration idea of raising troops morale on the eve of the battle.

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