Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God, Guts, Guns.........and Pansies

Good read for the Obamessiah inauguration day.

God, Guts, Guns.........and Pansies

Posted by screamingbanshee on Tuesday, April 15, 2008 7:46:37 AM

Why is it so hard for liberals to understand what made America great? Going back to the infancy of our nation, Real Americans (you know, those who aren't emasculated bed wetting liberals) have viewed our place as the leaders of the free world as manifest destiny. Never before has a nation achieved so much in so little time on the sweat of those who had little to speak of but a burning desire for freedom with the only impediment to success being the scourge of liberalism.

Our nation was borne of the frustration of big government that raped and pillaged at will. They silenced free speech, stole private property and enforced their will on the masses who turned out to be nothing more than sheep. If this sounds familiar, it should. The year may have been 1773, but it also could have been any of the couple hundred years between then and today, where the sheep still flock to their messianic leader with promises of more nanny state entitlements.

Truth be known, the majority of colonists did not support the out of touch visions of such radicals as Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington or Samuel Adams. They viewed those who spoke of freedom, liberty and rugged individualism with as much disdain as liberals today have for General Petraeus, George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Joe Arpaio or Tom Tancredo who all share a burning desire for preservation of our Constitutional rights from the continued assault being waged by the anti-American left.

Were it not for guns, our small militia never would have found a way to win at Saratoga or Trenton. Were it not for guts, Thomas Payne never would have written Common Sense. Were it not for God, Thomas Jefferson never would have had the inspiration to pen the Declaration of Independence. Were it not for pansies, Barack Obama would not be a serious presidential candidate today.

Many say that we have become a disgrace; a worthless nanny state on its way to the economic hell known as socialism. We have a nation of pansies who preach hatred of capitalism and success while bowing at the alter of failure, defeat, class warfare and racism because they know no better.

I beg to differ, as there are millions who do understand our plight. Sadly, the millions who do understand make up barely a majority of Americans, and should even some of those stay home on election day, we could put in place a president who will inevitably be the 21st century of Jimmy Carter; in other words a failure of epic proportions.

It’s important to remember that most of the colonists were against the revolution. My guess is that they were most often the stupid, the uninformed or equally as bad those who desired the security of the nanny state imperialist government. While times may have changed, people have not, as we still have the stupid and the uninformed in our midst who unfortunately are allowed to vote. Worse yet, we have those who cling to the nanny state mentality, not realizing the implications their greed will have on our freedom and our economy.

Simply put, the upcoming election will be a gathering of those who love freedom and those who are merely sheep. There is time to educate the sheep, for if we fail in this simple duty, there will be no return as liberals lead us down the beaten path to hell, better known as socialism.

Christopher Van

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