Friday, January 9, 2009

Barak Obama: Firearms SALESMAN of the month!

Since the end of the last election gun sales in America have skyrocketed and the firearms industry barely keeps up with the demand. The ranks of the "seasoned" gun owners have swollen with millions and millions of people who until Hopechangey was elected President would have never considered buying and owning a firearm.

If somebody deserves credit for this incredible boom of the firearms industry and the revival 2nd Amendment rights, it is President elect Barak Hussain Obama.
And now, a gun range in California is doing just this: giving credit where it is due.

"I was at On Target last night and boy was it BUSY!
Check out the poster they have up!"

Hat tip: GMoney over at Calguns

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Emmanuel said...

how about of the year. i think yearly record mmay be broken by now