Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How To Celebrate Obama Inauguration Day

Take a friend at the shooting range and introduce him/her to the most important Civil Right written in the US Constitution - the right that gives you the power to defend all your other Civil Rights by the force of arms if necessary.

It is not coincidental that B. Hussein Obama and Joe (Assault Weapons Ban) Biden have a perfect gun-grabbing voting record. The two of them hate the fact that so many Americans refuse to cede control over their lives and personal safety to the big socialist nanny state they envision.

So today on the day of their inauguration be defiant and promote the most important Civil Right, the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. It is the one liberty you have that Obama and Biden hate the most.
The best way to show your defiance and opposition is to take a friend at the shooting range and teach him or her how Americans preserved their freedom since 1775.