Saturday, July 19, 2008

UK Reaping The Benefits Of The Total Gun Ban: 350 Knife Assaults Commited EVERY DAY,

...and violent crimes perpetrated with knives are spreading toward rural areas:

"Thugs are committing more than 350 knife assaults every day across England and Wales, latest crime figures reveal.

Results from the British Crime Survey showed nearly 130,000 attacks took place last year - a figure which does not include those against under-16s.

Separate figures recorded by police forces reveal 22,000 serious knife assaults including 231 attempted murders, almost 14,000 robberies and more than 8,000 woundings."

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"There were 231 attempted murders, 13,887 robberies and 8,000 woundings where the offenders used blades to some degree."

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Yep, in just a little over a decade the nanny state liberals in the UK, under the pretext of increasing public safety managed to transform an armed and polite society into a disarmed but incredible violent one.
If only our domestic gun-hating libs would learn something from this...

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