Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cleopatra Stratan, world's youngest successful singer

"Ghita" (Romanian abbreviation for the name George) -the hit song you are about to watch a clip of, reached #1 in national charts and was recorded by the 3 year old performer in Romanian, Spanish and English.
The song, featured Cleopatra's double-platinum album " The Age Of Three" also won 3 MTV Romania awards of which the most important are Best Song and Best New Artist.

Ghita - English Version:

Cleopatra gave her first live concert in the front of an audience limited by the event organizers at 400 people at the age 3 when she interpreted 28 songs in 2 hours accompanied by her father, Pavel Stratan. She is actually the first artist ever to perform live on a stage in front of a large audience at such an young age.

The same year she recorded "At The Age Of 3" and sold 150,000 copies. That makes Cleopatra the youngest performer ever to record an entire album - and a double platinum one nevertheless.

On the Christmas Day 2006 a new record was smashed – Cleopatra was paid 10,000 Euros (like 16,000 USD) for one single song performed in front of a large audience in Piatra Neamt, Romania. The entire sum was then donated to a charity helping the poor.

Cleopatra Stratan has just launched her Cleopatra singing-doll last Saturday, selling the first 5,000 lot of dolls in just three days. Cleopatra, the doll, is 35 centimeters high and knows to sing “Ghita”. Available at 150 Romanian lei (about $70), the doll 'lives' in a red traveling bag similar to the one that Cleopatra used to carry in her video for "Ghita".
The Spanish company that produces the doll announced it would also come up with clothes for the doll, imitating the apparel used by the little singer on the stage and in videos.

"Cleopatra Stratan, the 3 year old who has hit the Romanian music charts big, seems to have become famous because her childlike singing and childlike charms are something different . . . she has not been made into a miniature adult, given the wardrobe of a sex symbol, or been thrust into the latest gore-ridden horror flick. In Eastern Europe, children are still children and generally must be protected as such; Cleopatra's father has refused monetary offers to market her. With her oversized suitcase, pink plastic sunglasses, and disheveled pigtails, Cleopatra is singing an innocuous song about a missing person named Ghita, who could be her big brother, uncle, or friend - no innuendos here".

Update: found another Cleopatra videoclip, this time she raps for Santa Claus:

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