Monday, July 14, 2008

To All My Friends At FFF

Thank you all for your emails.
I really appreciate your plea for me to return back to the Ranch and your kind words. However, the board owner is the final arbiter of all disputes between board members and it is normal to be like that. After the "ultimatum" he gave me, I believe I made the right decision to leave. My decision to leave the Ranch has a lot to do with my aversion to share the same living space with somebody who smears, condescends, lies and intentionally create aggravation between board members.

Let's put it this way: you rent an apartment for a couple of years and one morning the landlord rents the apartment next door to a circus monkey. Well, monkeys can be fun and interesting creatures, and at first you try to live with it. Just live and let live. Then after a while, the monkey starts to do what all monkeys do when they feel they are in control: slings crap at you and other neighbors, makes a mess in the hallway, things like that. Many are very unhappy about that. So, you try to call the attention of the landlord; but he doesn't listen, so you just take things into your own hands. Now you got his attention allright; only problem is he's yelling at you for being rude to the monkey and disturbing the peace in the apartment building. So what do you do next? You just pack and leave. Find another apartment to live in without being harassed and annoyed daily. That's just common sense and I believe it is something that anybody would do given a similar situation.

Best regards to all of you. Please feel free to visit me here at Transsylvania Phoenix blog; if you like what I post (or not), do not hesitate to post your opinion. If you want to contribute with something, just go ahead and shoot me an email and I will make sure to read it and post it if appropriate. I hope we will still be friends even if the meeting place is different.



2quads said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hello and to tell you that we all miss you a lot at FFF.
Best wishes to you, Darryl.

Bryan said...

I understand your decision and I wish you the best.