Friday, July 4, 2008

Jack Murtha wants to surrender no matter what

John Murtha "The surge is working but we still lost and need Obama to end the war"

When Congressman John Murtha turned against the war in Iraq two years ago, it made national headlines.

Since then, Murtha hasn't backed away one step; but today he acknowledges that the war effort is going a bit better - even if it will take a president named Barack Obama to end the war the way Murtha wants.

That means raising the white flag, having Huey helicopters evacuating all the personnel of the US Embassy in Baghdad (and a couple of lucky Iraqi refugees on the side), then watching on CNN the slaughter of millions of innocents Iraqis at the hands of AlQuaeda or the Iranian backed militia gangs.

Sez Murtha:

"Well, I think in the short term it certainly reduced incidents. I'm not sure whether it's because the Iraqis are just worn out, but certainly the way they're doing it today makes a big difference."

"They don't want us there. They want us out of there. I want us out of there. I think we've done everything we can do militarily,"

Here is the video

Ahhh...the good old days when American troops came home from the war not triumphant, but covered in the shame of defeat; and the peace activists and hippies spit them in the face instead of giving them hugs, kisses and flowers ....How can anybody could even think to deprive the Dhimmicrats of such spectacle?

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