Friday, July 4, 2008

A 4th Of July Gift For All Of You: The Wisdom & Patriotism Of John Wayne

Click here for awesome audio clip of Duke's Pledge Of Allegiance:
The wisdom of John Wayne.

'I wish the best for us and our friends, and the worst for our enemies, or anyone that would wish us ill.

Our country is not perfect. No human endeavor ever has been. But we are the better off than than every other country in the world. Those that have gone before us, and defended this nation have given us more than the rest of the world could wish to achieve. If you don't love her, and won't fight for her, I'd appreciate it if you'd leave her alone.

We live in the Greatest Country in the history of mankind.

If you're a leftist commie America hater, a jihadi, or one of their apologists, please understand it if I'd really appreciate it if you don't do too well.

Don't expect an apology.

Via GlockTalk

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