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Buddhist Man Enters Church, Attempts To Rape Woman, Steals Truck, Almost Runs Down Deputy

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Man (religion undetermined) critical after alleged crime spree

An Atlanta man who allegedly stole a truck in Shelbyville Wednesday is in critical condition in a Chattanooga hospital after allegedly attempting to sexually assault a woman, run down a deputy and flee from police at high speed through Franklin County.

According to a report by Shelbyville police officer Josh Leverette, Francisco Carrillo told authorities that Abbas Hussein, who was in town "for a camp" at an East Depot Street location described by Leverette as "possibly a Somalian mosque," reached into Carrillo's right front pocket and took his car keys.

Carrillo told police he believed Hussein may have been headed toward Murfreesboro to possibly board a bus for Atlanta, since he asked for a ride to the bus station earlier in the day, the report said.

Instead, Hussein allegedly took the 1996 Ford Explorer and headed south, where he allegedly entered Center Grove Baptist Church between Estill Springs and Tullahoma about 9 p.m. and allegedly attempted to rape a woman in the building.

A report by Franklin County Deputy Charles Stines stated that Hussein entered the church asking for water, but the woman present asked him to leave when she became suspicious of the man.

Hussein then allegedly tried to convince the woman to perform a sex act and when she refused to do so, offered her $10 for the act, with the woman telling Hussein "she was a Christian and married and that he needed to leave."

The report states that Hussein grabbed the woman's hand and twisted it, but she began to kick him and he let her go. She then entered the office of the church with the man behind her, according to police records, with Hussein allegedly grabbing her purse, but the woman "forcibly removed it from his hands."

Following a struggle, the woman was able to shut the door, placing her feet on a cabinet to brace herself against the door to prevent the man from getting into the church office. The woman then called 9-1-1 to report the incident, at which time Hussein left the building.

Following that incident, Franklin County deputies received a report that a 1999 Ford F-250 had been stolen from Speedy Sak Market north of Estill Springs, with Hussein allegedly leaving Carrillo's truck behind. The stolen vehicle was spotted by Sgt. Milton Binkley of the sheriff's department, who attempted to pull it over.

Hussein was driving without lights and pulled into Kennith Wessner Ford but, as Binkley attempted an arrest, Hussein allegedly sped away from the scene, nearly running him down. The officer suffered an injured ankle as he dove out of the path of the stolen truck, according to Lt. Mike Bell of the Franklin County Sheriff Department.

The stolen vehicle was then spotted by Deputy Robert Tipps, who also attempted to stop Hussein, near Speedway Market on U.S. 64 travelling toward Huntland. Tipps' report stated that Hussein was "driving very erratic and was all over the roadway."

Tipps reported that Hussein then crossed the center line and left the roadway, entering the grassy median, where the truck struck an emergency turn around area, went airborne and rolled several times, ejecting the driver. The chase and accident were captured on the dash video camera in Tipps' patrol car.

The report said Hussein appeared dead at the scene, but officers managed to clear his airway and Hussein began to breathe again. Paramedics from Rural Metro Ambulance Service arrived, requesting a helicopter to land at Southern Tennessee Medical Center in Winchester, which flew Hussein to Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga.

Tipps' report stated that the truck Hussein was in at Center Grove Baptist Church was the one stolen from Carillo in Shelbyville.

Lt. Bell told the T-G Thursday that Hussein's family in Atlanta explained the man had been "attending a religious conference of some kind in Shelbyville."

Hussein is facing a list of charges including attempted sexual assault, aggravated assault, theft of property, failure to yield to blue lights, among other offenses, Bell said.

"He didn't seem to be under the influence," Bell said. "I don't know what he was thinking when he did it."

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