Friday, July 25, 2008

Internet photo album of America’s new First Family

imageSome people might ask, “How come we haven’t seen or known about these pictures before?”

The original source of the photos is unknown but they were passed on by Poland-based journalist and CFP columnist David Dastych. This photo album of what could in November 2008 be America’s new First Family, which may not have been printed anywhere in the mainstream media, is being posted here for the approximate two hundred million Americans who have Internet Access.

Barack Obama’s grandmother, Sarah Hussein Onyango Obama

U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s uncle has been a prisoner in his own home, trapped by post election violence that has left more than 600 Kenyans dead. ‘If Barack Obama were elected, he would improve relations between Africa and America because he had his roots in Africa’, his uncle said.

See the rest of Hussein's family photo album here
You'll be blown away, I promise.

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