Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Phoenix Time

Here is the best Romanian rock band of all times (no, I will not accept any divergent opinions)

This is a Phoenix song from 2003 called "Twilight" featuring Mircea Baniciu as vocalist (Mircea, if you read this: I am one of the two high school kids who 30 years ago played a prank on you at Hotel Bucuresti in Mamaia. Me and my buddy Adi were working during that summer break at the hotel, we caught your Gibson guitar left unguarded and we hid it behind the hotel reception desk just 5 minutes before you were supposed to start your daily performance. I apologize for that and I admit it was a bad joke)

But le's go back to the video: the golden generation of Romanian rock, beautiful horses running and an uplifting song inspired and infused by Romanian folklore. It's a great combination even if you don't understand a word from the lyrics.

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