Tuesday, October 20, 2009

20th Anniversary Of The Fall Of Communism In Europe - Obama Refuses To Attend

And why should he? After all, 1989 was a very bad year for Obama and his comrades. A bankrupt, enslaving and murderous ideology was shattered to pieces by the freedom loving people of Eastern Europe. Millions and millions of people who lived in fear, poverty and repression regained their freedom and dignity. That's not something a communist like Obama would like to celebrate.

Barack Obama will skip the 20 Year celebration of the Fall of Communism that will be held in Berlin on November 9. Rick Moran at American Thinker has more on this news from Contentions:

President Obama has reportedly informed the German government that he will not travel to Berlin on November 9 to participate in the 20th-anniversary celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is an unfortunate decision on multiple counts.

First, it is another slight to another European ally — one that is going all-out to celebrate the event. The invitation to Obama was extended personally by Chancellor Angela Merkel last June.
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However, there are still good news for neo-marxis...err.. American liberals: Obamao will still travel to Sweden to get his sham...err...well deserved Nobel Peace Prize

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