Friday, October 23, 2009


How many ways a Romanian folklore song like The Skylark can be played?

From Wikipedia:

Ciocârlia (meaning the skylark) is a well-known Romanian folk tune, composed by the great Romanian musician Ciprian Porumbescu, that was first made popular by violinist Angheluş Dinicu in the 19th century. Its popularity spread further afterward, thanks to Angheluş's grandson, Grigoraş Dinicu, and to violinist/composer George Enescu.

Enescu also quoted Ciocârlia in his popular composition, the Romanian Rhapsody No.1 for orchestra.

Skylark played on violine by Anghelus Dinicu's grandson, Grigoras Dinicu (Romania 1960?).

Skylark played on acoustic guitar by Baldi Olier (Israel 2006)

Skylark played on dulcimer by Victor Copacinschi (Romania 1976)

Skylark played on pan flute by Roar Engelberg (Norway 2005)

Skylark played in a jazzy style by Stan Renard and The Bohemian Quartet (U.S)

Skylark played on violine by Geoffrey Pearce (Australia 2008)

Skylark played on electric guitar by Nicu Covaci and Transsylvania Phoenix (Romania 2004)
Violin solo: Mani Neumann nicknamed "the Devil's Violin Player" (Germany)

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