Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Beautiful Mind Of The Emperor Lizard

So I was right after all.
Poor Charlie...these days it looks like he entered the "me against the entire world" phase.

Don't you dare to:
-question Obama's policies,
-question MMGW,
-question Darwinism
-question the mental health of the Fallen Lizard Emperor himself

or you are immediately categorized a:
-somebody who salutes like a nazi
-superstitious bigot
-blasphemer against Gore's MMGW Church
-puppy strangler

How pitiful the LGF traffic must be these days?
If Charlie is desperate enough to attack Rush Limbaugh with Alinskyan inspired lies and smears in order to attract a little attention to his once famous blog...the stats must be really sucking.
It's either that, or Charlie's mind must have gone beautiful.

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