Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shooting At A Synagogue In Los Ageles

Black Muslim converts?

Washington/Los Angeles - Police issued an alert for the Jewish community in Los Angeles Thursday after a shooting at a synagogue injured two people on their way to worship there. Both victims were shot in their legs by the attacker as they parked separate cars in a garage under the synagogue and headed for the door leading to the worship area, Deputy Police Chief Michel Moore said in broadcast remarks. The two victims were listed in stable condition at hospital. The synagogue is located in North Hollywood, an area of Los Angeles separate from the Hollywood of film fame. Police apparently issued the alert because the attack could be classified as a hate crime, motivated by the fact that the two men were going to worship.
These are the times in which we live," Moore said. "What we are going to assume is that there is potential for this to escalate.""We are going to assume that this synagogue did play a role in this, and (it's a) reasonable expectation that we alert our other friends in the Jewish community and increase their vigilance," he said.
The suspect had been identified as a black male wearing a hooded sweatshirt, and someone matching that description had been detained, Moore said. But the investigation continued. The suspect used a hand gun, Moore said.

It looks like the cops are still looking for a second suspect who is still at large. The suspect already apprehended was identified with the help of the security video - the Synagogue where the shooting happened has multiple surveillance cameras.

Cops say there is no evidence this was a hate crime. Hmm...let's see: the suspect(s) ambushed the victims in the same place, but the victims didn't arrived toghether and at the same time - they came in two different cars. No report a robbery preceded or followed the shooting from any of the victims. Anyone wanna bet the LAPD will not release the name of the suspect in custody for a very long time?

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