Monday, October 5, 2009

Payback: Obama Was Told Trip Would Win Olympics

President Obama took his chances on a high-profile visit to Copenhagen because the White House was getting a "clear message" that his presence could clinch the Olympics for Chicago, The Chicago Tribune reports.
"The intelligence that we had from the U.S. Olympic Committee and Chicago bid team was that it was very close and therefore well worth our efforts," said Valerie Jarrett, a senior White House adviser. "The message was that...a personal appeal from the president would make a huge difference." President Obama first tried lobbying quietly through phone calls, and had not decided until a few days before getting on Air Force One that he would appear to make his bid in person. His failure to secure the Olympic bid has become fodder for the president's critics.
source the "intelligence" told them if Obama goes to Denmark, the Chicago Olympics was a done deal.
Heh. The CIA payback for the terrorist "torture" investigation is a beotch, bro.
You keep on irritating those guys working at Langley and pretty soon you're gonna have to rely on intelligence reports from this lady:


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