Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Orthodox Jews stabbed. A muslim named Mohamed Jama Ahmed is charged. Police: "No faith motive"

No, this isn't a page from Kafka. It is liberalism gone mad.

Man charged over Golders Green stabbings

A man has been charged following a double knife attack on two Orthodox Jews in Golders Green.

Mohamed Jama Ahmed, 37, of North Circular Road, Cricklewood, was arrested after two stabbings which happened just meters apart in roads off Golders Green Road on Friday.

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said the attacks, which happened at around 6pm, appear to have been random and unprovoked, but were not being treated as faith hate crimes.

Officers were alerted to a 47-year-old man in The Drive who was suffering from stab wounds to his arm and chest.

While at the scene, police were informed that a 43-year-old man had been stabbed in nearby Beverley Gardens.

Both victims were taken to hospital and are said to be in a stable condition.

Ahmed was arrested on Sunday and charged with two counts of assault involving grievous bodily harm.

He is due to appear at Hendon Magistrates Court today.

In other news from The Great Caliphate Of England:

As Britain gears up for Thursday's local council elections, a new research reveals that the electoral system is plagued by fraud, including 'vote rigging', by communities with origin in the Indian sub-continent.

In several constituencies, the Asian community comprises a substantial section of the votes. But bulks voting by postal ballots according to 'village politics' and the 'biraderi' (brotherhood) system have caused much concern among election officials.

The research carried out by Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust reveals that there have been numerous convictions for electoral fraud since 2000, when postal votes first became freely available on demand.

These convictions had resulted from incidents of electoral malpractices in inner-city wards in places with large Asian concentrations such as Birmingham, Oldham, Blackburn, Burnley and Tower Hamlets in London.

The convictions, the trust said, ''emerged alongside anecdotal evidence of more widespread, and long-run, practices associated with Pakistani, Kashmiri and Bangladeshi traditions of 'biraderi' (brotherhood) clans in influencing voting behaviour.''

The research, published in a report titled Purity of Elections in the UK - Causes for Concern, said, ''It is evident that each of the principal political parties have at some stage sought to acquire a degree of political advantage in particular localities through the promise of a Muslim candidate claiming to be able to 'guarantee' a minimum number of votes arising from their support with a wider clan.''

The document quotes Birmingham city councillor Salma Yaqoob, who has warned that Muslim women are in danger of being disenfranchised.

(For those of you who don't know: unlike in the US where "Asian" means Korean, Japanese, Thai, Phillipino or Chinese, in The Great Caliphate Of England the term "Asian" describes any individual who is originally from the Arabian peninsula, North African region, Pakistan, Indonesia or any other muslim country in the world )

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