Thursday, May 15, 2008

McCain Or Obama: That Is (Not) The Question...

The more I hear the neo-marxist, racist, gun grabbing, anti-American and Islamofascist terrorist appeasing crap that's coming out of Obama's pie hole, the more I start to like McCain.

Sorry folks. I'll take the old crazy McCain any day over the Islamian...err...Manchurian candidate.
Even if McCain is sometime misguided and pisses everyone off with his ideas about illegal immigration or with his pampering of the terrorists we foster at Gitmo, at least we all know he is a true patriot. There is no doubt about that, and almost every broken bone in his body testifies to this truth.

That can't be said about the candidate who wrote in his book (I quote): "The Muslim Call to Prayer Is One of the Prettiest Sounds on Earth"

Click here to listen Listen to Obama's Prettiest Sound On Earth

Not the American Anthem. Not a church choir singing hymnals. Nope. For Obama, a muslim call to prayer is the prettiest.

Obama, President of the United States? NOT in MY lifetime.

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